General Zia Ul Haq

My Father has asked me to send out a message to all of you.

He has just recently launched a website on my Grandfather and has requested for you to check it out. Any positive / negative feedback can be sent to him at (or if you would like his private e-mail address, please contact me at and I can send it to you privately).

Website –





  1. Dear OUH,

    I have read through the website. I wish there had been some mention of the human side of your grandfather. I have met many people who bless and pray for him for his kind gestures without any motives. Especially those who have been carrying the burden of less fortunate children. Also some “self criticism” would have been in place besides the long list of achievements. What I personally remember of him, and which has remained the most indellible impression of him, is the simplicity that he observed in his life. For example I remember that as a Brig ( commanding 8th armoured div??) in Kharian in the sixties he used to come to office on his bicycle rather than use his official car. In contrast to him his Brigade Major , Maj Amin, who had recently returned with a Mercedeze Benz from a course in Germany took every opportunity to flash his car around. Your grandfather would very proudly bicycle around the blocks each morning while being greeted by loud salutes from each of the many quarter guards that he passed on his way. I have yet to see a Brigade Commander of the Pakistan Army ride a bicycle to office. God rest his soul in peace.

    Best wishes


  2. The pictures are great on the website but please put captions under each pictures so we know where they are from..

    I see Zain Zia, his daugther, in the pictures as well!

  3. My Grandfather cried like a baby when your Grandfather died. They were friends or friendly acquaintances, and bonded actually when your Aunt (Zain) started reading my Grandfather’s cricket magazine.

  4. Very good Biography. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and learned plenty.

    A couple broad comments would be:

    1) It remains very one-sided. I think his achievements speak for themselves but there needs to be more critique.
    2) Expand on the economic impact of his policies and de-nationalization. Mention of ~7% GNP growth, but not very specific.
    3) The last para leaves one suspensefully hanging on to the question….who was the diplomat that threatened him? (actually I dont think I know the answer myself….who?) If you want to leave the name of the person anonymous then mention the name of the country, otherwise I would say, remove that whole episode altogether

    At the end of the day, a very insightful writing by your Dad. I’ve read about your g’dad on sites like Wiki etc. but there is not enough out there on him. Congrats on launching the site.

    I’m sure it will evolve into a very good one.

  5. This is quite interesting for someone like me at least. I must admit that I have grown up disliking Zia, the quite typical approach we take while we blame him and his tenure for literally everything thats gone wrong now. Obviously there are many more facets to it, which aren’t really talked about, none that I have heard of atleast, not anymore. But one should always keep their mind open to new things i guess,history as we know is written by men of course, so bias can not be ruled out.
    I guess I ll give myself the chance to look into the other side of the coin too.Thanks for sharing.

  6. Nicely done!

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