Great few days in Lahore. Hung out with friends, spent time with extended family and spoke to people regarding the upcoming elections. Can’t express how thrilled I am to see everyone so involved and excited as the date quickly approaches us. In fact, a friend even mentioned that he is going on a PTI campaign […]

I was sure of having a clearer picture of the current status in Pakistan once I would land here. But I don’t. In fact, I’m even more confused now. Had an interesting first day back yesterday where I met all kinds of people. People from all ages, backgrounds and political parties. Must admit though .. […]

Check out who else is on the flight with me. Yes, our very own Mohommad Yousuf (Youhana). Sitting right next to me. I tried to get a shot of us by switching around the iPhone but he quickly hid his face with the wet towel. Awkward. So cool .. but I wish the guy in the […]

Sitting at Dubai Airport minding my own business when a random fellow Pakistani sits down next to me. “Who are you voting for” he asks. Well, he didn’t wait for my response and instead, volunteered to tell me that his brother is running against Nawaz Sharif in Lahore in the upcoming elections. He apparently came […]

Not sure why but I still manage to get shocked by Pakistanis. In a good way though. Not all the time. But this time. I’ve been following the #Elections2013 hash tag quite closely on Twitter & been observing friends on Facebook too and am shocked by the personalities that politics has brought out in people […]

As you may already know, Ijaz Ul Haq (my Father) is running from NA 190 and NA 191 during the elections and has several contestants (from PMLZ) participating from around the region. He is taking part in the upcoming elections as an Independent candidate (PMLZ with a helicopter symbol) and has opponents from PPP, PTI, […]

  Time doesn’t stand for anyone. Life moves on, but there are certain events that stay with you forever. They change who you are and how you view life. The earthquake of ’05 was one such event for me. “On Saturday, October 8, 2005, two buildings of the Margalla Towers –luxury apartments in Islamabad – […]