Chinese Whispers


Crow – Chinese Whispers

Yet another brilliant painting by Bilal Maqsood (member of Strings, the Band) based in Karachi, Pakistan.

Although Crow – Rockstar ( is my favorite of the bunch; this one is great too!

It’s about 6.5 x 4.5 and if you’re interested, you can send me a message and I can put you in touch with the appropriate contact.



  1. I love it – is there a symbolism behind why Bilal Maqsood uses crows in so many of his paintings?

  2. Mariam Maqsood · · Reply

    No complex symbolism. He paints them simply because he likes them and they’re everywhere in Karachi.
    Also, i feel its an art to make something so mundane look so striking on canvas!

    You guys should read the article Akber Naqvi has written about him.

  3. I agree, his paintings are beautiful because of its simplicity! You must be so proud 🙂

  4. Kalsoom – Mariam actually has her own art as well. Will most definately be putting some of it on here soon. The entire family is full of talented & creative Pakistanis who have really left a mark on our country. Starting from Anwar Maqsood, who is one of the country’s most popular comperes and writers and has even begun acting with more frequency, to Bilal Maqsood, brilliant singer and painter, to now Mariam Maqsood who I’m sure will make her family proud as well.

  5. That’s fantastic! Mariam, I recently interviewed another artist Faiza Shaikh on my own blog and I was so inspired between the fantastic work at the Shanakht Festival and her and now you and Bilal – there are so many incredible Pakistani artists and their work needs to be highlighted more!

  6. Bilal doesn’t only do crows. He has also painted several other pieces. Beautiful!

  7. You’re right, Kalsoom. Mashkoor is one of my favorites and you can see his picture on my “Chasing OUH? – About me” section. What an artist!

    Sara – I have seen some of Bilal’s other non-crow work as well and you’re right, it’s as nice if not better as these pieces.

  8. These are great paintings! I had no idea he painted. Very impressive indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Anjum Alix Noon · · Reply

    @Chinese Wisper it’s a fantastic piece! Where can one see it?
    The dimensions I suppose are in inches?

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