… and the confusion continues.

I was sure of having a clearer picture of the current status in Pakistan once I would land here. But I don’t. In fact, I’m even more confused now.

Had an interesting first day back yesterday where I met all kinds of people. People from all ages, backgrounds and political parties. Must admit though .. that although everyone seems to be discussing  it … I  still haven’t felt the jazba that we usually feel during elections. With only a few weeks to go, I expected to see much much more.

PTI enthusiasts think they’re in control. They believe the youth is going to change the  game by coming out on the streets that day. They see Imran Khan as their next leader and refuse to let anything change their mind. Won’t lie though – it’s kind of refreshing to see such hopeful and optimistic Pakistanis for a change. What I do know is that I definitely want Imran Khan to win at least 40 seats in the National Assembly. That way, as part of a strong opposition, he can at least keep a check on the Government and continuously push them to do better.

PML N is out on the streets as I’ve seen plenty of campaigning so far. Posters, stickers and all that jazz. From what I’ve seen, these voters are more traditional and sticking to what they know. They’ve accepted Nawaz with all of his flaws and are willing to accept him back in power. Shocking, .. I know.

Surprisingly, PPP seems to be out of the picture completely. But then again, I am in the heart of Punjab right now and probably not in direct contact with any Zardari lovers. Despite everyone disagreeing with me, I still think he has something up his sleeve. I’m convinced he’s going to at least try to pull something off and not budge from his seat.

… and then there are those, who are either hurt by Nawaz’s recent actions of not giving tickets to old school politicians or just can’t stand Imran Khan’s over confident, arrogant and cocky nature. These are the groups of people who I’m most excited about right now. They’re confused, hurt, vulnerable and can swing either way.

As for me, I  really don’t know where I stand right now. However, I can confess that I am proud of my Father for running independently on his own PMLZ ticket. I’d rather have him lose with his head held high on his own ticket than win under any of these other parties at this stage.

Two more days until I’m in Haroonabad and I’m starting to get really excited about rural campaigning. An experience like no other, I’m sure.


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