Monthly Archives: April 2009

Meera from Lollywood

__________________________________________________________ Irtiza Rubab, better known as our very own Meera, is one of our top Pakistani actresses in the Lollywood Industry. She first started out her career in 1992 and has won the Best Actress award several times over the past few years. I know that some of us have mentioned Meera & her jokes […]


_____________________________________________________ Ever chased an aquarium? If not, you should definately check one out. I was in Atlanta, Georgia over thanksgiving of ’05 and went to the world’s largest aquarium with my cousins, which is based there. It was simply amazing. Asem Akthar, a friend of mine in Virginia recently went to one as well. It […]

Is Doha the New Dubai?

________________________________________________ Having lived abroad in the States & the United Kingdom for about a decade now, I often think of slowly making my way back closer to home. Although I was born and raised in Bahrain until I was 10 years old, I don’t think I would consider moving back there as a single, twenty-six […]

Got Food?

I just got home from work and logged on to my Gmail account. My cousin and a friend had both sent me “forwards” with these pictures, which I saw one right after the other. I know that we find it annoying and chose to ignore our parents & friends when they tell us to finish […]

Cracking the Whip

___________________________________________________________________ A friend of mine just sent me a link to a video, which is called “World – A Pakistani Underworld”. I was expecting to find out more about the Pakistani Goons & Dons and how they operate in Pakistan. Instead, the video is of two Pakistani brothers who manufacture fetish and bondage wear, earning […]


_________________________________________ I got a message on my Blackberry over the weekend from a friend who lives in Washington DC. The message said – “Are you worried about the situation in Islamabad? What’s going to happen when the Taliban come there? Are your parents thinking of leaving the city and moving elsewhere? Dude, don’t go back […]

Chinese Whispers

____________________________________________________________ Crow – Chinese Whispers Yet another brilliant painting by Bilal Maqsood (member of Strings, the Band) based in Karachi, Pakistan. Although Crow – Rockstar ( is my favorite of the bunch; this one is great too! It’s about 6.5 x 4.5 and if you’re interested, you can send me a message and I can […]