Let’s do this, Haroonabad.

Great few days in Lahore.

Hung out with friends, spent time with extended family and spoke to people regarding the upcoming elections. Can’t express how thrilled I am to see everyone so involved and excited as the date quickly approaches us. In fact, a friend even mentioned that he is going on a PTI campaign trail around Punjab soon. If only every single Pakistani had that mindset and  actively bothered participating and supporting the parties they believed in.

I also had the privilege of attending my first fashion show ever today. Highly impressed with Pakistani designers and their vision. Misha Lakhani and Khadijah Shah to be more specific. Can’t say I was shocked about the delay in the beginning (as we are in Pakistan after all) but I was kind of shocked to see everyone shoot up as the national anthem came on right at the beginning. Awesome to see Pakistanis unite for once.

In other news, my parents called earlier today to update me on the situation in Haroonabad. PML N, PPP and PTI are in full swing now but I’m confident that we will win. Hard work and dedication does pay off after all.

We’re in the process of finalizing where all I will be traveling to and visiting right now but I’ll be sure to keep you guys in the loop.

The time has finally come. Let the campaigning begin.







  1. Ijaz janjua · · Reply

    nice to see u in haroon abad

  2. loved all the pictures and everything you wrote… im still in shock over the “frail’ and “zgh” description! lol

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