Different this time around?

Not sure why but I still manage to get shocked by Pakistanis. In a good way though. Not all the time. But this time.

I’ve been following the #Elections2013 hash tag quite closely on Twitter & been observing friends on Facebook too and am shocked by the personalities that politics has brought out in people recently. Leaving all the obnoxious trolls aside, people from all ages, cities and backgrounds are participating. They aren’t only participating but they’re listening, debating and contemplating on what to do.

I guess it really hit home when I attended a friend’s Birthday dinner recently in Dubai. His 70 year old frail, quiet, conservative, shy and cancer surviving Mother spoke up at the dinner table. In fact, she didn’t only speak up and share her love for Imran Khan .. but she shouted while expressing her views. Quite loudly too. Although I may not have agreed with everything she said .. I did secretly smile and appreciate the fact that everyone seems to be participating this time around.

Coming from a political family, I’m used to discussing politics. I’m used to hearing about every single member of the national assembly from every single party. Whether it’s over 4 am sehris or walks in the race course park .. it’s always been discussed. I do, however, remember going to see friends when I was younger who were clueless about politics. In fact, even their parents had no interest and could seriously care less.

It might be different this time around though and it’s about time too. Seriously beginning to wonder if my friend’s 70 year old frail, quiet, conservative, shy and cancer surviving Mother is actually going to transport herself to the voting booth or will she continue to watch Zindagi Gulzar Hai while bitching about politicians during the adverts? A friend’s WhatsApp message alarmed me today as well as she wrote “Oh no, are elections on time? I was hoping they would get delayed since I really wanted to attend the Florence & the Machine sandance concert on May 10th in Dubai. Dammit.” Um .. didn’t even know how to respond to that one.

Everyone’s participation has been mind blowing. Impressive too. But the question remains if they’re actually registered to vote or not? If so, will they actually wake up in time to go to the voting booths? I sure hope so.

I guess I’ll have a better picture of what’s going on once I land in Pakistan tomorrow.



  1. Hi Omar!

    I follow you on twitter. Since you will be in Pakistan and are involved in politics, I thought it would be best to ask you: any idea when they’ll implement a system to let overseas Pakistanis vote? Can you respond to me at @xoxoxeenia on Twitter? Thanks!

  2. Done. Replied to you on Twitter.

  3. Ohhh emmm geee! ZGH!

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