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After the tragic earthquake of October of ‘05, Danish, a close friend from childhood and I went up to Balakot. We had taken a few sweaters, shirts, jeans, shoes, chocolates, cookies, and jelly bears for some of the earthquake victims over there. I wish that there was more we could have done while we were […]

Pity the Nation

My father sent me a poem today, which was written by Khalil Gibran in his book ‘The Garden of the Prophet’ in 1934. We then discussed how these words were written more than 70 years ago, yet sadly still apply to so many nations today – especially Pakistan! Please read the poem below in case […]

Noble enough for the Nobel?

Barack Obama has just been awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. “The Nobel Committee said he won it for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples. The committee highlighted Mr. Obama’s efforts to support international bodies and promote nuclear disarmament. Mr. Obama’s spokesman said the president was “humbled” to have won […]

Remembering the Earthquake

Nayha Farid Khan Time doesn’t stand for anyone. Life moves on, but there are certain events that stay with you forever. They change who you are and how you view life. The earthquake of ’05 was that one event for me. Please see below for one of the articles I had written about that tragic […]

Dubai, Dubai!

Noor Rizvi has just contributed to ‘Chasing Thoughts’ by sending in this incredible piece on ‘Dubai, Dubai’.  Check it out below and share your feedback in the ‘comments’ section above the post. Dubai, Dubai Noor Rizvi Dubai. An emerging city, endlessly aspiring to be counted amongst the greatest in the world. Almost bordering on the […]

Excuse my Rant, and my French!

Take a look at Danyaal Hasan’s ‘contribution’ below and please check out his brilliant Blog @ __________________________________________ Excuse my Rant, and my French! Danyaal Hasan So the Champions Trophy is over for Pakistan but the hangover continues. It feels like running out of tequila at a Shoaib Akhtar and Meera joint press conference. Oh God […]

Pakistan & India – in Sweet Harmony

My friend, Sharmine Aziz, recently got married to Mutaqeen Kapasi. Although I was unable to attend the wedding, I was blown away by the pictures of the festivities. Sharmine, being a Pakistani, had the first few wedding events in Islamabad, our gorgeous home town and capital of Pakistan, followed by the rest of the events in […]