Monthly Archives: August 2010

Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite

Time doesn’t stand for anyone. Life moves on, and there are certain cities & certain people that stay with you forever. They change who you are how you view life; and that is exactly what London and its people have done for me. I was a wreck when I was leaving London. I was dreading […]

Dubai’s Metro

Times are tough and the recession continues so I decided to avoid taxis and explore Dubai’s’ Metro instead for the first time this past weekend. After all, I am now living in “Dubai, Dubai”; a city like no other, so might as well explore it all while I’m here. It was quite an experience, to […]

A Whole New World!

Despite dodging the constant recession cuts, I decided to leave the banking world a few months ago on my own terms in order to follow my dreams & explore the world of advertising. You may call it stupid, risky, or even intelligent but yes, I did trade in the wet, gloomy city of London for […]