A Whole New World!

Despite dodging the constant recession cuts, I decided to leave the banking world a few months ago on my own terms in order to follow my dreams & explore the world of advertising. You may call it stupid, risky, or even intelligent but yes, I did trade in the wet, gloomy city of London for the dry, barren desert known as Dubai and so here I am on my first week in the advertising world.
The last few months have been crazy. Bouncing around from one friend to another in Dubai was embarrassing enough and then to be begging advertising agencies to give me the opportunity to interview with them was even more of a challenge.  Trust me, it wasn’t easy. Not being able to speak Arabic or have any relevant regional experience really hindered my chances of breaking into a new industry. However, I decided to accept my weaknesses, work on my strengths, and continued to keep my chin up.
As much as it was exhausting; this experience really did teach me a lot about myself and others around me. I have learnt that patience is truly a virtue and one must be persistent in order to get what they want. Yes, we are in a recession and it’s practically impossible to find a good job opportunity anywhere these days but that doesn’t mean that there is no hope. It’s most important to have faith, remain determined, and continue the battle until you reach your goal.

It’s no secret that I’m excited to be sitting at my new desk and entering “a whole new world”; but I’m also fully aware that the hard part is yet to come. 
On a lighter note, the last few months have been pure madness and I apologize for pulling such a disappearing act. I’m back and I’ll be hopefully staying this time so stay tuned to hear me ramble on about life in Dubai & the advertising world …



  1. Welcome to Dubai, Omar! I’m excited to have you in town and look forward to seeing you more often :o) Best of luck with the new job – rock on, dude!

  2. You’re so cheesy. The image cracked me up.
    But its what I’ve been saying through out – what you did took guts – seriously!
    I think a lot of people lived vicariously through your ‘journey’, since most of us would love to start over!
    (Yes i know I’m not one to talk… but sometimes I get sick of it too. lol.)

  3. Yay! Welcome back to the blogging world!

  4. Chasing thoughts is back!!! I know what this means;)

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