Shoot Out


I walked into work in a surprisingly good mood despite the fact that I didn’t get much sleep last night. I was in complete ‘Friday mode’ and I started catching up on e-mails when I heard my colleagues begin discussing the deadly shooting at the US army base.

As I had just read about it on my way to work this morning, I was aware that “Major Nidal Malik Hasan had opened fire on fellow soldiers at the Ford Hood military base in Texas, killing 13 and injuring 30 officers”. 

Indeed it was shocking and sad news but what infuriated me even more was that in the midst of this discussion one of my colleagues suddenly burst out and said “Of course he would do that, his last name is Hasan”.

I sat there in the middle of sipping my Diet. Dr. Pepper and just froze as I saw all eyes come towards me to see my reaction.

My early morning ‘friday mode’ bubble burst in a flash … as I sat there in complete shock & numbness.



  1. You didn’t say something? I really hope you said something.

  2. Noor Rizvi · · Reply

    Racist! … Talk about stereotyping. It is this exact menatality that we need to change. Please tell me you said something and didnt just go on sipping your diet dr pepper!?!

  3. What happened after he said it? Did anyone else say anything to him?

  4. Shaza Haq · · Reply

    What did you say? What should he say? It is so stressful for all of you living in the West to go through this nonsence. I personally feel like slapping someones face who would say that but easier said than done. That is the sad part. We have to prove through our deeds that we are not who they think we are and they have to understand that evil deeds done by a few does not make us all bad.
    It is so sad.

  5. Noor Rizvi · · Reply

    Ummm Omar there seems to be one recurring question coming up from all these comments… What happened after?!!! ahaha

  6. Sorry for replying earlier!

    To be honest, I sat there and continued drinking my Diet Dr. Pepper. I’ve realized that it’s better just to keep quiet in these situations.

    However, my colleague brought it up again yesterday while speaking to our Manager and I lost my shit then. I told him that “There is a guy named Peter who raped a 9 year old boy in my neighborhood yesterday”. He was shocked and said “that’s awful”. I then said “since your name is Peter as well, does that mean you’re a child rapist as well?”. He laughed hysterically and said “rubbish – that won’t work in this case. All I meant was that statistically speaking, it is more likely that a guy with the last name Hasan could do such a thing”. I then told him to keep his mouth shut in the future as nobody goes into graphs, statistics, and numbers while listening to him blurt out racist comments.

  7. Umran Shah · · Reply

    Its awful what happened…. whoever it was! I was in the US when it took place and we were glued to CNN and luckily, they didn’t go crazy on the whole Muslim issue. However, I think during the Bush days, everyone would have had a field day. I think Obama has called for restrain to media corporations. I forgot to see Fox news though – they might have loved it with the Islamic background. Gotta love Fox news …

  8. In response to the last comment from Umran Shah – it is important to note that it would be unconstitutional for Obama to call for restraint of media corporations. It would go against the First Amendment (Bill of Rights) and against is oath as president.

    The media is the media and in the US it cannot be government controlled.

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