After the tragic earthquake of October of ‘05, Danish, a close friend from childhood and I went up to Balakot. We had taken a few sweaters, shirts, jeans, shoes, chocolates, cookies, and jelly bears for some of the earthquake victims over there. I wish that there was more we could have done while we were out there but we were only there for about 10 hours so we only could go around to meet some of the survivors in different schools, camps, and tents.

As we were driving by, I saw a few kids on the side of street and Danish and I decided to slow down and pass out some of the crisps and chocolates to the children. This picture was taken when I was slowly putting down my window to give some treats to the kids and they were leaning inside my window.

Each and every child had a story to tell.. and one that you would not want to hear.



  1. Wow…

  2. Very nice – Lovely!

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