Identity Theft

I just heard from a friend about an email scandal that took place in Dubai.  

A few months ago a hacker managed to break in to a girl’s Facebook account, contact her family, friends and employers, and change her status. He found out about a forthcoming job interview that this girl was due to have and rang the company, discouraging them from hiring her. Naturally, she was furious and reported this to the Dubai police and the Cybercrim unit as well. 

Despite the girl deactivating her Facebook account, the hacker managed to create a fake profile of her and continued to add her family & friends. He then changed her status to “I’m glad I’m in Dubai and not in the Philippines – those sinners deserve what they got”. The hacker even copied the facebook page and uploaded it on to a Blog for the world to see and judge. As a result of all this the public have been completely outraged and have started harassing the girl’s family in the Philippines, requesting for her to be deported from Dubai with immediate effect as well as calling for a ban on her to return to the Philippines.

Social networks are designed to be a great interactive tool but they are being attacked by people who are looking to harm others.  This incident clearly demonstrates how when joining a network it is key that we read the privacy policy and make sure our settings are such that we do not allow others to access our personal information. 

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  1. Apparently the gorgeous ex Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen, has recently had a similar experience. Someone was trying to secure funds via a fake facebook account (claiming to be Sush). Check out the article…

  2. Honestly, humans. If the web’s a blessing, it’s also the haven of freaks like this man. Identity theft is probably one of the sickest crimes ever.

  3. The worst part is that i remember hearing about this girls first hacking issue a few months back and although she reported it, no real action was taken and now it has led to something so controversial and terrible! I really hope someone can help resolve this peacefully.

  4. What has happened is devastating – through no fault of her own, this girl and her family are being harassed and slandered. makes you think twice about communicating over social networks. one enemy and her life has changed. i wish there was more awareness about cybercrimes and more ways to prevent or stop it.

  5. Ok, so that’s a really scary story and now I’m scared!!

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