Chitrali Girls - Picture taken during my trip to Chitral, Pakistan in August of '09
Chitrali Girls – Picture taken during my trip to Chitral, Pakistan in August of ’09

As Kalsoom Lakhani, Creator and Editor of Changing Up Pakistan (CHUP!) had once said in the earlier stages of her website: “Pakistan is no longer the country of our parents’ youth”.

As a child, Kalsoom remembers her father fondly reminiscing about Pakistan in the ’60s and early ’70s – the boys and girls who would line up outside the cinema and feverishly exchange phone numbers, the scavenger hunts on the beach followed by the bonfire parties, the scaling of the gated house walls to engage in typical teenage acts of mischief and rebellion. Today, violence and mobs are unfortunately the norm. Cities that once were relatively safe are now the targets of daily bombings, riots, and instability. Today, U.S. presidential candidates reference our Pakistan as “the most dangerous place on earth.

The website aims to probe discourse and increase awareness among young Pakistanis on issues that are socially and politically pertinent to the country. CHUP! serves to act as a platform for this voice. It provides up-to-date news briefs and analyses, op-ed pieces by contributors, and interviews. Please check out the website, take part in the discussions, and let your voice be heard as well. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and if you would like to write an article or take part in any way, please contact us.

It’s also Kalsoom’s birthday today so please join me in wishing her a very Happy Birthday!

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