Life’s for Sharing – Saatchi & Saatchi / T-Mobile


A picture can say a thousand words.  An ad captures a thousand pictures and affixes you to a certain product.  If the ad is remarkable, it can change the way you view the product forever. Saatchi & Saatchi, UK have done such a thing with T-Mobile’s ‘Life’s for sharing’ campaign.  They launched the campaign with a burst of high-energy, amazing spirit and were able to relate to every single Londoner out there.

In one of their ads, Saatchi & Saatchi hired 350 dancers and hid them throughout Liverpool Street stations. These dancers had learnt the same dance choreography to several different songs. Out of nowhere, the music began to play through various loudspeakers and the dancers dispersed everywhere. Their dancing became infectious and before we knew it, the dancers and regular passersby began to dance in unison and the station filled up with smiles and laughter. Then, as quickly as it began, the performance ended and the dancers faded into the crowd and left the travelers to return to their regular commute.

Being a typical banker, I have turned into a boring Londoner and have allowed life’s every day, mundane activities to take the best of me.  Like clockwork, I get on the tube after work, shove my way through a sea of people to get home — almost in a zombie-like state.  Seeing this commercial on TV, I was surprisingly rejoiced and imagined myself being at the station with all these people.  Just thinking about it made me feel alive, it was surreal.  Although I wish I was personally at Liverpool Street Station and had witnessed this first hand, I still enjoyed it thoroughly when the ad came on the television.

Kate Stanners, who is one of Saatchi & Saatchi’s Creative Partners, noted that “across the whole campaign, we’ve looked for ways to really engage with people through the notion of ‘Life’s for Sharing. We hope that dance will connect with people in a bold and dynamic way.”

This phenomenal surprise at Liverpool Street Station must have taken months of preparation, which included T-Mobile staff auditioning and secret late night rehearsals. Saatchi & Saatchi has done a brilliant job with the ad and has portrayed their ‘Lovemark’ philosophy with perfection.

You can check out the ad @

Another great example of T-Mobile’s ‘Life’s for Sharing’ campaign took place at London’s famous Trafalgar Square. Saatchi & Saatchi decided to bring karaoke to the streets of London and convinced thousands to join in and have a mass-karaoke sing-along session in the middle of the day.

Saatchi & Saatchi installed a ton of cameras up around Trafalgar Square to capture the crowd singing their hearts out into the thousands of microphones that were handed out to the public.

As Paul Silburn, Creative Partner of Saatchi & Saatchi had stated; “With Sing-along, we wanted to generate a real feeling of anticipation and create a truly unique, memorable moment that everyone would want to share inn, as this is ultimately what lies at the heart of the T-mobile brand. The event gave thousands of people the opportunity to experience first hand what “Life’s for Sharing” is all about.

You must take out a few seconds to watch this one as well @

Saatchi & Saatchi took T-Mobile’s campaign “Life’s for Sharing” and really tried to embed those feelings in Londoners. They used dance and music to try to bring some cheer to those that may not have a lot to look forward to.   These small moments of happiness can turn one’s entire day around and make you realize that if you share happiness or bring a smile to someone’s face, it can really resonate. A job well done, Saatchi & Saatchi. Life really is for sharing.



  1. Great post! Advertising is such a creative field. The sudden & spontaneous dance is called a “flashmob.” I think Oprah recently organized one for her show’s anniversary. Check it out –?

  2. Ughhh
    I LOVE flash mobs
    They are just the greatest of all
    check this one out. My latest loop-play craze

  3. Nighat Rizvi · · Reply

    I love the idea! I wish we could do something like that here in Pakistan – It’s really healthy and it’s ok to have fun – the concept works every time. Thanks!

  4. This is fantastic. Didnt see this earlier so thank you for posting it!!!

  5. Are they doing a 3rd one? The trend should be continued!

  6. S & S should convince T-Mobile to increase their budget and they should spread the love across the globe. It will work in each and every country!

  7. Is that dude in the picture, in center/front Sanjaya from American Idol? It sure looks like him.

  8. Ha Ha – No, I don’t think it’s him. The guy in the green shirt, right? I recently saw Sanjaya for the first time as he was in a reality show in the jungle and had never seen him before. When was he in American Idol? Few years ago, right?

  9. Khadeja Jahangir · · Reply

    This is awesome! Damn, I wish I could have been there to share these moments! It would have been so much fun!

    And you are so right … life is all about about sharing with your loved ones!!!

  10. Wow-i love it! who would have imagined liverpool street station is where all the action is!

  11. I heard Saatchi was responsible for the Dubai Metro ads..would be interesting if they could do something for us Emiratis similar to what they did in London for the T-Mobile campaign!! Would be a great experience and would probably get them a lot of leverage in the local market since we are a more tight knit community with fewer players involved.

  12. Great ad! If only they could do the same with some Bollywood music.

  13. Giulia Ferrari · · Reply

    Have you seen the latest cool T-Mobile ads??

    This week sees the culmination of T-Mobile’s ‘Josh’s Band’ campaign. The ad features the song ‘Come with me’, written and performed by Josh’s superband and set up using only T-Mobile’s free texts and internet for life offer.

    In fact, 1107 band members were involved in the recording of the song and each one is featured on the track. What’s more, the song was released as a single by Universal Records on Monday.

    The ad was air on Friday, 15th January during Channel 4’s Celebrity Big Brother, running for the entire ad break. And while this marks the end of the ‘Josh’s Band’ campaign, it also marks the one year anniversary of T-Mobile’s first Life’s for Sharing ad ‘Dance’, which aired in the same week and during the same show in 2009.

    Check it out
    And tell me what you think!


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