As most of you already know, Twitter is a community of friends & strangers from all around the world who are updating each other on their lives. It’s a communications gateway that gets personal by asking “What are you doing now?”

I was one of the first ones to join the website when it came out (as always) but I quickly lost interest and went back to my comfort zone of Facebook. Honestly speaking, I didn’t really see the logic behind the whole idea as I was already updating my status on Facebook on a regular basis to keep my friends & family in the loop so why exactly should I be sharing my life with strangers as well? 

Anyway, I recently met someone to learn more about a career opportunity. Later on that day, I found the same individual on Twitter as well, which encouraged me to follow him while I was curious to see his tweets, as he seemed really interesting and fascinating. Since then, I have also started catching up with friends and people from different walks of life, which has been great.

Personally, I use Twitter for professional networking & as a marketing tool. I have been trying to enter the advertising world for quite some time now and thanks to Twitter, I’ve been following certain individuals and have enjoyed reading their thoughts, ideas, & relevant posted articles, which has given me an insight into their profession. Also, I have chosen to promote ‘Chasing Thoughts’ through Twitter, which has driven a lot of traffic towards me as well. A great example of that is the e-mail that I received in my inbox yesterday.  I managed to have a stranger get in touch with me as he wanted to learn more about sponsoring a child for my Grandmother’s cause as he read one of my Tweets, in which I had requested my followers to read this post @

All in all, I think Twitter is great. Although I’m still learning the ropes and not as comfortable as I would like to be with the website, I’m determined to make the most out of it and encourage others to give it a chance as well.

Just do it.
Just tweet it.
Rock on.
Tweet on.



  1. OUH, I’m so tempted! But really … I am already so overdosed on Facebook! What should I DO? Ahhhh!!!

  2. Check out this article from NY Times.

    Does Facebook have Twitter envy?

  3. Yea Sharmine, I feel the same way! I think Twitter is a great way to market a product (or a blog for that matter), but I wouldn’t use it to communicate with my friends.

  4. I’ll be very honest
    Twitter does frustrate a Facebook junkie at first but it slowly grows on you.
    It is a great way to promote and market, though. One liners sometimes say much more than wall posts, groups and apps

  5. Using twitter to update/talk to friends and family or benefiting from the site to promote a blog or business seems like common sense. In addition, I can understand if you use the site to see what your favorite celebrities and politicians are supporting or promoting.

    What I find completely shocking is that people use this site to talk to completely random strangers and comment on their updates as if they actually know these people. Isn’t that the same as the shady chatrooms from the 1990s? Why not talk to your close friends and family about your interests and day to day life privately instead?

    Even more surprising is the complete uselessness of some updates (I’m bored at work today, I’m sleepy, I have a meeting, I had sushi, I’m hungover, I drank wine, I want shoes, I miss my puppy etc).

    On top of that, it seems like a lot of people’s profiles are open for everyone to see (and enjoy). As a person that has not signed up, I’ll admit that even though I haven’t started tweeting with potential tweople yet I often check out some people’s pages. Some because they’re actually interesting and some because it’s just amusing to see how much attention they need. I guess you actually need to join and participate to truly understand the entire twitter experience.

    Ps. Obama was recently talking to a bunch of high school students and one kid raised his hand and asked the President what advice he had for kids that wanted to become a future leader of America. Obama said that his advice to this generation was to be careful with what they put out on Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

  6. Aloo Chaat · · Reply

    I wont join twitter because i have nothing to promote except my sheer brilliance.

  7. Hasan Rizvi · · Reply

    My personal opinion about ‘Twitter’ is that I do believe its a great networking site but more so for a particular type of person. As a student I see no attraction to ‘Twitter’ but for someone who is working and is keen on interacting with many across the globe for different reasons it makes more sense. Who knows may be I get on twitter soon, only time will tell.

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