Nahi Ray Nahi


As you know, I’m a huge fan of Coke Studio.

I constantly promote the show and have managed to obsess over each performance as well.

Although I have many favorites songs, one of my most favorites at the moment is Nahi Ray Nahi by Ali Zafar, which is brilliant. According to Ali’s Blog, he had written the song about 7 – 8 years ago and had put it away on the side without ever releasing it. However, as he began recording for Coke Studio this year, he decided to dig it out and perform it live for us on the show one day. Good decision!

Personally, I really didn’t take Ali Zafar too seriously until he came and performed on this platform. I enjoyed his ‘Chano’ and other pop songs as much as everyone else did but I didn’t recognize and appreciate the amount of talent he has as a singer and musician until very recently. I think he has grown a tremendous amount as an artist and now I’m really looking forward to his next album as well. 

Check out some of his performances below –  

Nahi Ray Nahi –
Allah Hu –
Yar Daddi –
Daastan –

Enjoy …



  1. Sharmine · · Reply

    I love it – Should I send this to him?

  2. Oms,

    I’m loving the new layout of the blog!! Gorgeous 🙂

  3. Shaheryar Mirza · · Reply

    I like the new’s much easier on the eyes!

  4. Thanks Sharmine – Yeah, that would be great. Send it to him.

    Kalsoom & Shaheryar – Glad you like the new layout. I had been recieving a lot of complaints from readers about the black background so I thought it was time to change the background.

  5. This is definately one of the top 5 songs performed at Coke Studio. The lyrics are absolutely brilliant and very moving.

    Titliyaan is another amazing song from this season. Highly encourage everyone to listen to it.

  6. How did I miss this post!? This guy has an amazing voice!

  7. Talha Ahmed · · Reply

    I just heard Nahi ray nahi for the first time. . And I completely agree with you! I underestimated this guy. Look at him . . He is on the keyboards and vocals and both are brilliant! .

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