Jeevay Pakistan

I’m sorry I have been missing in action. I’m currently on holiday and have just not had the time to share my thoughts with you lately. I do, however, have some great ideas and will work on sharing them with you soon.

I wanted to wish those Pakistanis who have tolerated & survived the bomb blasts, terrorist activities, inflation, military operations, Asif Zardari, poverty, and load shedding a very Happy Independence Day.

Also, on a ligther note, please check out Bilawal’s psychotic behavior @

Jeevay Pakistan.



  1. writeofleft · · Reply

    Please stop spreading disinfromation about our saviour Bilawal Zardari He is the only one who can save us now!

  2. Military dictatorships too 🙂

  3. Hi Omar, Happy 14th of August!

  4. Painda ta binda bad!

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