Chaotic Khanpur

I’m home.
I’m finally home.
I’m home for eighteen days – the longest I have ever been back to Islamabad in the last 9 years.

I ended up going to Khanpur Dam today as soon as I landed an hour away for a friend’s pre-wedding get together. It was one of the most stunning places and it was even more enjoyable with great friends, amazing food, brilliant weather, and pre-wedding celebrations.

Err, the drive back was a bit of a nightmare as it was midnight as I was with two friends and didn’t bother checking if I had any fuel in the car. Yup, the car had to stop right in the middle of a railway track in between the mountains and trust me, it was quite a scare. I pretty much had to jog to the closest petrol pump to get some fuel, which was luckily not too far away and we were finally back on the road again after about half an hour. Chaos, I tell you … but we still managed to get a good laugh out of it in the end.

Anyway, screw that. I’m home and I’m loving it. Next stop – M & G, two very close friends’ wedding tomorrow and then a trip to Chitral.

Crap – only seventeen days left.


One comment

  1. Looking forward to the pictures from your trip…we’re all chasing Chitral!

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