I was flipping through channels a few weeks ago when I came across an actor who seemed familiar. I then realized that I had seen him in “Gangster” and a few other films and began to sing “Ya Ali” while reading the news alert at the bottom of the screen. I was shocked, to say the least, to see that Shiney Ahuja, the actor, was being arrested on “rape” charges.

Apparently, his Maid, who had been working for him and his wife for the past month had filed a complaint alleging that the actor, who often tried to flirt with her, finally called her to his bedroom at 3:00 pm when he was alone on a Sunday afternoon and then repeatedly raped her.  .

Although Ahuja denied the fact that he had raped her at first and insisted that they had sex by mutual consent, he then apparently broke down according to some newspapers and said that he might have raped her in an inebriated state.

Recently, he has also said that he was being framed by the Maid and her boyfriend who had both planned this incident. He also contended that he came from a good family background and denied consensual sex or rape and said he was a victim of a “well hatched conspiracy” to malign his image and extort money from him. Shiney’s lawyer, Shrikant Shivade, had earlier argued that the entire case against him had been “concocted”. He said that the victim was wrongly implicating and that there were no external injuries seen on the body of the victim so it could just equivalent to a case of “consensual sex”.

Initially, the Bollywood industry and police could not believe that this well respected actor could have committed such a heinous crime as he was known to be prim, proper, charming, and respectful in the industry. Ahuja’s wife has said that people in the film industry are unwilling to publicly support her husband but have said that he is innocent. Speaking in support of the actor, Preeti Zinta said, “It’s very easy to slam someone when they are down. I think whatever’s happened is really unfortunate. I do have enormous faith in the judiciary and I’m sure they will do justice. The person also has parents and a family. One must think about what’s going on in their hearts and minds.” However, Mahesh Bhatt, who he has worked with twice deeply expressed his anger and said that “this is shameful – deep shame, because the crime that he is accused of is of rape, and that too rape of a helpless, 18-year-old domestic help. And if it is backed by the medical reports and also by the confession that he has given then he is headed for a big, big trouble. If it is found that if indeed he has committed a heinous crime like this, then we must express our outrage”.

The prosecutor in the case has said that the police have a strong case against Ahuja as the DNA and medical reports support the victim’s allegations. Whether or not it was rape has not been determined yet, but the fact of the matter is that he committed adultery while his wife and daughter had stepped out of the house for an hour. However, the case may be that he was framed for rape as celebrities and members of the upper classes often tend to be “soft targets” for fame and money in South Asia. I guess the Indian judiciary system has proved itself to be just in the past and will hopefully therefore establish the truth. However, it’s shocking to see an actor we all have known be accused of such a crime.

Did he or did he not commit the crime?



  1. I’m not too up on bollywood so don’t have a clue who this guy is, sorry. But reading up here, it’s really tough to determine whether or not he’s guilty.
    There are two classic stereotypes present in this case, the lecherous famous dude – frisky married man (and we do know, married men are generally ‘friskier’ than single men, who imposed himself upon a bechaari naukraani (as per generalisations).
    On the other hand you have the ‘bechaari naukrani’ and her boyfriend – a bit strapped for cash – conspired against this star to muun kala him and make some moola.

    Who knows?

    Now the media, especially the Indian one has been known to twist the truth to desired effect, so I wouldn’t know which sources to believe.
    All we can say is, as in all rape cases, it’s all quite sensitive.

  2. Danish Khan · · Reply

    Guilty as charged me lord!!!

  3. I heard he’s “bai”sexual! 😉

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