Thaj’s Art

A few months ago, many people attended an art exhibition at the Casa Dell Arte Gallery in Bahrain to admire the works of Thajba Najeeb.

I grew up with Thajba in Bahrain and our family has known each other for decades. She is a brilliant artist and an even more wonderful individual.

Thajba displays her work privately and at exhibitions across the Middle East (mostly in Dubai and Bahrain) and I would be more than happy to put you in touch with her if you’re interested in purchasing one of her paintings.

I have only seen a few of her paintings and, as you can imagine, the pictures just don’t do justice to the real thing. However, I have pasted some of her masterpieces below for you to get a taste of her work.

Wind – Thajba Nabjeeb

The Mosque – Thajba Najeeb

aaa (2)
Sun City – Thajba Najeeb



  1. WOW this is amazing!

  2. Not really my style but I can appreciate it. She has done a wonderful job and I m sure the Arabs will love her work.

  3. OUH, I LOVEEEE the first painting!
    Is it for sale? Can you send me her details, please?

  4. Hi Sana,
    I have just messaged Thaj and she should be in touch with us very soon regarding her paintings. I will post more of her work in the next few weeks as well. Glad you liked it.

  5. The Mosque is SO beautiful! She is incredible.

  6. The colors are so vibrant and alive! If they are for sale can you send me details please (size, price range, etc)? Thanks!

  7. Gorgeous work! Does she have a website?

  8. Thajba · · Reply

    Hey!! Thanks for the responses.. I’m shocked, excited, and speechless..

    This exhibition revolved around the concept of moving back to Bahrain.. so the pieces were islamic and arab influenced, which was very different from my other pieces…

    My ideas and themes change every year and I hope to have an exhibition in October as wel. The theme is “women”.

    I don’t have a website unfortunately but you can get in touch with me ia e-mail

    The “Wind” was sold in my last exhibition – sorry!

    Thank you so much for the responses.

    It’s always good to see people who love art as much as I do.



  9. Fabulous paintings. Awesome. Thanks for sharing with us. Have a splendid weekend.

  10. Shaza Haq · · Reply

    Hi Thajba Beto, I am so happy to see u do well in life.Very proud of you. I remember you as a very very small kid, infact a baby. Still can’t get over it that you have Mashallah grown up and are so settled in life. Please give my bohat sa piyaar to Mehru. The first thing that attracted me to your paintings was their very intense and vibrate colours. Carry on beto and Happy Painting.

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