I turned twenty-seven yesterday.

I had a great birthday and spent most of the day with friends, which is always a good thing. Sadly, I wasn’t able to see too much of my family, as they are scattered across the globe right now, but they made sure to call me at midnight..

I’ve realized that there are too many birthday milestones. I can understand how turning eighteen, twenty one, and twenty five can be milestones , but since when did twenty seven become such a massive one? I’m not sure when, exactly, it happened, but it definitely has become a marked birthday . Actually, the next few years are going to be milestones on their own, as they will each mark one year closer to the ever-dreaded thirty. I even got a few “happy 3 to 30” birthday wishes this year, which took me by surprise.

Not that age has ever been a big deal to me, but there are some things that I am unhappy about now that I have turned twenty seven. It wasn’t really supposed to be like this. It’s quite clear that I am not thrilled with my current job, but I feel that there are many other things to be considered when one turns twenty seven as well. Should twenty-seven-year-olds be living in a studio apartment? Should they be balding already? Should they be thinking of settling down? Should they have a substantial amount in their savings account? Should they be eating on paper plates to avoid washing up?

Ah well, only three more years until I hit the massive 3-0, so might as well make the most of my twenties for now.

Until then – No! Thirties are not the new twenties ..



  1. Omar, I told a friend about your blog topic of the day and how you said thirties are NOT the new twenties. This is what she had to say…

    “I think he will change his mind when he turns 30. I’m quite enjoying it! U will too 🙂 … “

  2. Let the twenties be the twenties… and let the thirties remain as the thirties. Why mix and match? Why make the twenties sound so exciting that you even want to dedicate the thirties to this decade as well? The twenties are all about finding yourself, building your life, finding a stable career, and settling down – the thirties is when you can unwind and actually enjoy what you have built in the past decade.

  3. Belated Happy Birthday, Omar. Hope you had a blast.

  4. Just remember that your Brother and I will always get there ahead of you!

  5. “To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am.”
    – Bernard M. Baruch

  6. I don’t think we should stress ourselves by setting time limits and restrictions. Let it happen when it does. Sometimes too many expectations and too much planning can lead to disappointment. Enjoy urself and as cliche as it sounds…age really is nothing but a number!

  7. OUH, Dont think about it till it gets here.

    Seriously, if I didnt have to put my date of birth on so many forms, I would have actually forgetten that I’m ageing ….

    My mind actually stopped ‘maturing’ at hmmm…25.
    Yup, it was a good time and i chose to stay there.

    Thankfully, desi skin is deceptive (looks younger), and ive seen 22-23 yr olds start balding abhi seh hee…so chill out.

    Take this from another 27 year old.

  8. PS: I always thought 27 was an ‘old’ number and that I would be a married house wife with kids by this age.(not saying there’s anything wrong with it. but its become a stereotype.)

    I am none of the above right now… and having a great time.

  9. Noor Rizvi · · Reply

    Old Fart 🙂

  10. Oh whatever. You are young and kicking. As am I. We will always be young and kicking. Happy birthday Oms!

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