Bomb Blast in Rawalpindi

Blast heard in Rawalpindi
Updated at: 1627 PST, Thursday, July 02, 2009
RAWALPINDI: Casualties are feared when a powerful explosion occurred in Chauhar Chowk of Rawalpindi, Geo News reported Thursday.
The ambulances and relief teams have been sent to the blast site.
According to preliminary reports, the blast occurred in a government bus and the bomb was planted with a motorbike. However, the nature of blast could not be ascertained as yet.

My Mother just messaged me on my blackberry and said “We are all ok so do not worry. Huge bomb blast 5 minutes away from our house in Rawalpindi in Chauhar Chowk. Your father was driving past that Chowk 10 minutes ago but is fine. I got very very scared. The blast was really loud and thank god the windows didn’t break. It was really scary.”

It’s disgusting how I’m sitting at work and just thinking that “thank god my father wasn’t at the site” and wondering what could have happened to him if he was there just a few minutes later. When will the madness end? What about all the other victims who just died a painful death for no reason at all?

Should we just accept the fact that this is going to be a daily occurance and then thank god that our loved one wasn’t the victim on that day?

Is that what this has come to now?


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