Walking Away

As mentioned in one of my previous posts @https://omarulhaq.wordpress.com/2009/04/12/picture-of-the-day-ouh-3/, Danish, a close friend from childhood and I went up to Balakot after the October, ’05 earthquake. We had taken a few clothes, food, and basic goods for some of the earthquake victims over there and spent the day distributing what we had and took the opportunity to check out some of the schools, tents, and camps.

We saw a gentleman walking very slowly on the street  so we decided to stop and ask for directions as we were completely lost at one point. He pointed us in the right direction and we began to ask him a bit more about himself as he seemed like an interesting guy. He told us that he lost his entire family during the earthquake and that he lived just a few miles away from Balakot. He had just come for afternoon prayers at the mosque and was walking back home with nothing to look forward to …

He didn’t know that I was going to be taking a picture of him and he was in mid sentence when I clicked the camera.

I will never forget the intensity in his eyes …



  1. Its very disheartening to see how these people were displaced without a home, without their family – you can see how deep the sadness goes in his eyes. Cant even begin to imagine what these sufferers must be going through.

    Kudos to all your efforts OUH and for raising aid and awareness, every piece helps..

  2. It really is a beautiful photograph …

  3. This was my favorite photo from the ones you took up north. His eyes are so powerful in this photograph!

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