Good Deed of the Day?


My Father just sent me an e-mail about an Ex-Army Pakistani Soldier who has lost both of his arms from his shoulders from an electrical shock. He has a wife and few children and my Father has been supporting him and his family for the past few years. Unfortunately, he is homeless right now and is trying to buy a 3 Marla Plot in Kahota, Pakistan with a built room and water connection. The amount payable is Rs 350,000 and the downpayment of Rs 155,000 has already been made – leaving Rs. 195,000, which still needs to be paid in order for him to own the property. If you would like to do your “good deed of the day” and contribute in any way, please get in touch with me and I will be happy to put you in touch with my Father. He is more than happy to discuss the Ex Army Soldier’s background with you or answer any questions you may have about how your money will be sent to him and spent. Please keep in mind that even a few hundred or thousand rupees can help this family and they will remember you in their prayers forever. (I had a picture of the Ex Army Soldier on the Blog but thought it may be inappropriate so I have taken it off.)



  1. Surely you and your father can come up with the petty sum of RS 150,000?

  2. I’d like to help Oms. My dad’s home in Isloo and can give my contribution to your dad directly.

  3. O – Thank you for your response. I don’t think we need to justify or explain to you how we are allocating our money to different people and charities around Pakistan right now. As you know, there are a lot of people who are in need of donations right now so coming back to the Blog Post, if you would like to contribute something, please get in touch with me. I would send you an e-mail myself but I don’t think is valid e-mail address.

    Kalsoom – You know his e-mail address so please shoot him an e-mail and he’ll get back to you right away!

  4. Ijaz Ul Haq · · Reply

    Thanks Omar for posting the request. The total amount is Rs350000/paid up is Rs55000/ and the remaining amount is Rs 295000/ The donations are coming in MashAllah from a minimum of RS500/ to Rs25000 by two individuals. One friend has commited to chip in whatever the shortfall is going to be. I just wanted to reduce his burden. There are plenty of people – close friends and family members who are blessed and want to help. If you want to as well – please contact OUH.

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