Credit Crunch-ing Pakistan?

I jumped on the tube at 7:00 am yesterday morning and quickly looked for a seat so I could read about Pakistan winning the World Cup Final in the Metro Newspaper.Unfortunately, even after flipping through the entire paper, I couldn’t find a single reference to it and was in a state of shock! I even looked around at other passengers on the tube to see if anyone else had any “shocked” expression but err, I don’t think anyone really gave a damn.

I then felt a mmm (miserable monday morning) slap in the face and proceeded to sit back and shut my eyes.

As I got to work, I was glad to recieve an e-mail from Z, a friend of mine, who was concerned about the exact same issue! I just asked him to write a brief for you guys so check out what he wrote below –

 “On Monday morning, as I boarded my train and picked up a copy of the Metro, I was most dismayed to find that aside from a large picture of the 20-20 England Ladies’ Cricket Team, (and all credit to them), there was absolutely no mention of the Pakistani Champions on the front page. No picture, no headline, not even a mention in small print on the side. It got me thinking had there been a terrorist attack, or even an unfoiled plan, with the remotest link to a Pakistani, we would have made the front page. For once we have something positive to sing and dance about and we get sidelined as if the whole tournament had been a casual game in the park.
Having been born and brought up in the UK, (yes I guess I’d be classed as a ‘BBCD’!!) I have always resisted the all too easily climbed and often misguided race card bandwagon. However, in this instance I can find no justification in being ‘blanked’ in such an absurd and obvious manner. All through my childhood, the only images of Pakistan I ever saw on the box were of dust and bombardment, people running around haphazardly, ‘naaraa’s dangling, unwashed faces and unkempt hair. No wonder we can never drag ourselves out of the ‘third world’ in the eyes of the West. Even while at university in the Nineties,  a friend, in all her innocence (ignorance?) asked me whether we all lived in tents back home?? I didn’t blame her, that was the impression she had always had.
Had England won the same final, we’d never have heard the end of it for weeks and yet it’s business as usual for us Pakistanis, albeit of British origin, some of whom find it tough to exist and operate in Western society at the best of times, always having to ‘fit in’ and ‘prove’ our existence. All I ask is that the press please just give us credit where due for once. This is a big deal… “



  1. I understood when I didn’t see any mention of the finals in the papers here (NYC) but I’m appalled that there was nothing in the papers in London! That is absolutely ridiculous.

    Omar you should forward this to the editors.

  2. I was once asked in perfect seriousness if we rode camels (instead of cars) in Karachi. I told her some of us do, other’s preferred elephants. She may still believe that be true. And I wholeheartedly agree with your issues. It’s really annoying how the media chooses to glorify the worst without even mentioning the best about us. But biased reporting is what the whole system is built on, from the ground up. I wonder why we’re even surprised really.

  3. Zeeshaan · · Reply

    It is unbelievable that the Pakistan win did not get a mention in the newspapers!!! How could they not especially when the match took place in LONDON and there is such a hugeeee pakistani diaspora in the UK?????? They write about the most irrelevant stuff and how could they not write about this especially in light of the current situation in pakistan? I am not a pakistani and yet i find it so upsetting… Omar, I seriously think you should write a letter to the editor of guardian or something!

  4. I noticed that the NY Times covered the Worldcup and Pakistan’s wins till the semi final – but no mention of our final win at all- instead on the day we won there was an article on Pakistan arresting a suspect of the Sri Lanken cricket team attack! Huh?

    This is outrageous – the 20/20 win is a huge accomplishment for us Pakistanis during the hardships our people are going through.

    Its surprising the newspapers didn’t cover it since BBC and CNN both had considerable coverage of the win.

  5. Metro Journo · · Reply

    Pakistan won the World Cup after Metro had gone to press, you complete muppet.

  6. Dear Mr. Metro Journo,

    Actually no, it hadn’t gone to the press as there was a tiny column at the bottom (without a picture) in the middle of the newspaper somewhere stating that Pakistan had won the 20Twenty World Cup.

    And even if it had gone to the press before we won the World Cup (just for argument’s sake).. shouldn’t there have been something in Tuesdays Metro then?


  7. Anonymous. · · Reply

    Amazing – I am not surprised. Having been written off initially, we beat them all flat. The Host country were not even in the semi’s. Just for METRO’S information the final print of any newspaper any where in the world is at midnight. Its a competitive market and no one misses out on top stories unless it is deliberate, Mr. Muppet!

  8. The match ended around 7pm. Is this journalist trying to say that they were unaware that there was a HUGE sporting event happening? They sent the papers for printing without carrying what was one of the most important stories of the day? What about the next day? Not only is it retarded that The Metro went to press before the results its even more disgusting that the journalist is defending the lack of press coverage which Pakistan rightfully deserved AND calling OUH a muppet.

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