The 20Twenty Cricket Semi Finals will be intense tomorrow, to say the least.

South Africa is a very strong team and everyone (including most Pakistanis) are doubting that Pakistan even stands a chance in the match.

A few of my Pakistani friends have already started insulting their own players by saying “thanks to allah, we have gracefully lost to South Africa as they are a better team” on their Facebook status, which I didn’t find amusing at all.  

The Indian community has gone all out on Facebook as well with their violent status updates against the Pakistani cricket team.

I, on the other hand, will continue to have faith in our team and pray that we win. Let’s just hope for a good match and may the best team (Pakistan, obviously!)] win.  

Tune in tomorrow @ 5:30 pm GMT and don’t forget to bring your flags, patriotism, & pride with you to the match. 

* I found the picture above on Google and thought it was appropriate for this post! * 



  1. Send the Naysayers to India on the first Air India flight. Jeevay Pakistan aur Jeetay Pakistan!

  2. Danish Khan · · Reply

    I completely agree. I have always had faith in our team and we must continue to support and have faith in it!

  3. Sania Ansari · · Reply

    Pakistan Jeetay Ga Jeetay Ga Bhai Jeetay Ga!!!!!

  4. Great piece. Thanks! Historically, in the Twenty20 World Cup tournaments so far, statistically and winning percentage wise, Pakistan is the best team. So if we made it to th semi-finals, we will make it to the finals.
    For all those naysayers n haters, let em hate, they got nothing else to do!

  5. Shaheryar Mirza · · Reply

    Dude what the hell could the Indians on facebook possibly be saying about the Pakistan team? Have they seen their performance in this tournament..?

  6. There are permanent mutterings of serious rifts. They may not bat, bowl or field well all the time, but sometimes, they do what can only be described as a ‘Pakistan’: that is, they bowl, bat or field spectacularly, briefly, to change the outcome of matches. You cannot plan or account for this as an opponent because Pakistan themselves don’t plan or account for it.

  7. Dawood · · Reply

    The whole of Kashmir is supporting the Pakistani boys…..Boom Boom Afridi!

  8. Good luck, Pakistan team..Make us proud!

  9. hey OUH!
    Stop copy pasting Osman Samiuddin’s article. Come up with your own thoughts!

  10. FJ – Thanks for your comment. The quote that I have pasted three comments above this was meant to be shared with you guys as it’s interesting. What does it have to do with having my own thoughts? This is a Blog for everyone to share their views with different opinions. It was an excellent quote so I thought it should be pasted over here.

    Do you have any thoughts or is that the only feedback you have on the entire Blog and specifically this Blog post?

  11. Aisi Zamee’n
    Aur Aasma’n
    Inkay Siwa
    Jaana Kahan

    Bhadti Rahay
    Yeh Roshni
    Chalta Rahay
    Yeh Karvan

    Dil Dil Pakistan
    Jaa’n Jaa’n Pakistan

  12. Noor Rizvi · · Reply

    With all the turmoil and dissaray Pakistan has gone through in the last year, this T 20 has provided a ray of light. Our boys in green have done superbly well to get so far in the tourament, when our critics, and lets be fair, most of us even discounted our chances right from the outset. We have nothing to lose today, and if we play our hearts out and gel together at the right time, we may just get one step closer to our first thing to cheer about in a bloody long time! The proteas are a strong side, but if history is anything to go by then they do have a habit of “slipping” in big games, no pun intended (for those of you who are like “What is he on about?!”, just think back to the 1999 world cup semi final when Donald kinda f’d up!). So all said and done I think we can do it, Heck, we will do it! And I know for sure im gonna be going to be going to bed with a soar throat tonight!

  13. We need this win for our general morale!
    We can do it!!!

  14. Joh na jaanay
    haq kee taaqat
    rab naa deh veh
    uskoh himmat

  15. Moiz Baig · · Reply

    Pakistan Cricket Team : All Systems GO !!!

  16. Dude – Which Indians are defaming our team?! I want names and I’ll take care of the rest!


  17. Ijaz Ul Haq · · Reply

    Wah Wah!!! We can do it as a team and as a Nation. We just need to gel well and stay in high spirits! Keep it up Pakistan!

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