Bad Marriage

Bad Marriage

Another great painting by Bilal Maqsood (member of Strings, the Band) based in Karachi, Pakistan.

Previous posts on Bilal’s Paintings-
Rockstar and Chinese Whispers

Unfortunately, these pictures of the paintings don’t do justice to the real thing but it gives you an idea of Bilal’s work.



  1. I think this one is my favorite of the three you’ve put up. Not only is it beautiful but gives us some insight on Bilal’s sense of humor.

  2. Rahil A · · Reply

    Lovely work…sums up ‘bad marriage’ perfectly…could be interested if it’s still available…pls send me details. Cheers!

  3. I happened to come across some of these paintings on your blog. Thanks for sharing. Its great to see something so black and white as a crow, and something so commonplace in our largely featureless urban landscape, come alive in such a striking manner. I was wondering if you could put me in touch with the appropriate person as I am interested in obtaining some of his work.

  4. Rahil & OA – Thanks for your message and emails. I have sent you both e-mails.

  5. Shoda · · Reply

    Really Powerful image – the way the 2 crows are turning away from each other actually forms a heart. Very talented!

  6. Didn’t notice the heart shape before…amazing!

  7. didn’t notice the heart shape either. Thanks Shoda! I’ve said this before, but I love how crows are featured in a lot of his paintings, very cool.

  8. He’s immensely talented, but am I the only one scared by the kawwa images? :p

  9. On a completely unrelated note, please check out this clip with Strings and Hariharan performing an unplugged version of Duur. I am completely obsessed with it and listen to it on repeat. I wish they would release this as a single. All three of them are SO talented.

  10. Oms I loved the link…i adora Hariharan’s voice …it’s so peaceful and he has amazing control. And of course, I love the song 🙂

  11. Shoda, here’s another Strings & Hariharan collaboration. I think the video was shot in Dxb!

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