I might just get offended if you haven’t heard of Nandos so let’s just pretend that all of you are familiar with my favorite restaurant, ok? Well, on the off-chance that you are not as familiar as others, allow me to enlighten you. It’s mostly Portuguese flame-grilled chicken as well as some vegetarian dishes. Apparently, Nandos is named after Fernando, who was a chicken that saved a pilgrim’s life in the fourteenth century in Portugal. Maybe I should start a fact of the day on the Blog as well?
On arrival, you are directed towards a table, given a menu and flashed a Portuguese smile. There is a “Spicometer” available at the counter, which will help you decide how spicy you want your chicken. I would highly recommend you to go all the way – Extra Hot. The Perri-Perri spicy Mayonnaise is phenomenal so you must order some of that as well to go with your Perri-Perri french fries (mouth-watering-fries).
There is a variety of options at Nandos so you may want to take your time deciding between some tasty, moist chicken with crispy skin, fillet burgers, chicken in pita, mushroom & cheese pita, couscous salad, rich & creamy sweet mashed potatoes or one of the “platters”, which is a meal deal for groups of people. You’ll end up with a lot of food on the table but it’s quite affordable considering the hot and happening environment and drinks with free refills. I promise that you will feel right at home and there are several signs in the restaurant asking you to do so: “Treat Nandos like your home”.  I take these signs very seriously by obediently taking off my shoes, rolling up my sleeves, and shove my entire hand (till elbow) into my plate!
Everything is cooked fresh right in front of you and the quality is amazing. For those who are health conscious and have found their new love for jogging recently (woah), you can tailor the salad to your taste (with little or no dressing!) as well.

Writing about my favorite restaurant has satisfied my appetite for the time being …!  Who would have thought this Blog was going to end up assisting me in my new healthy lifestyle?

If you ever make a Nandos plan … count me in!



  1. Laila · · Reply

    OMG..i love nandos
    my favourite eat-out place…
    In addition to Karachi’s Nandos (both), I have tried Nandos in Malasyia, London and Dubai too…and I can safely say Karachi’s Nandos is the best (even bestest if that word is allowed).
    especially the one near forums…
    I usually go for quarter chicken deal and I love the dip and the portguese lemonade and the dip there…no where in the world do they make it like they do in Karachi…
    plus you gotta mention their clever lines…that intellect is present everywhere…
    like..why did the chicken cross the road? Because the underpass will take forever…and ‘A shoe in hand is worth two on the Bush”

    i could go on and on…lol

  2. Ijaz Ul Haq · · Reply

    Omar I am not a chicken fan. You know we Pakistanis are meat eaters. Still, I love Nando’s as it is different. Peri-peri sauce surely has some addictive drug in it. By the way i saw your Mom eating away Nandos in Lahore few days ago with her sister, her sister in law, and her friends. ha ha

  3. now your nandos post has me missing the baker st nandos!!

  4. I wish this restaurant is in NYC.Have a great Sunday Omar.Do visit my blog also.

  5. Sarah · · Reply

    The Nando’s here in Toronto suck, except for the chicken I dont think we have any of the other items you have mentioned. Free refills on drinks are unheard of as well. Tried the Nandos while I was in London, gotta admit it tasted a lot better and was quite economical too!! sighhhh

  6. Sarah · · Reply

    Oh how I miss Nando’s chicken…love the seasoning on it yummy 🙂

  7. Nosheen · · Reply

    I.l.o.v.e.n.a.n.d.o.s- its the healthiest comfort food in the market!

  8. Am I the only 1 who can have that whole chicken with you? lets go next week.

  9. they’ve opened one in washington DC!

  10. They just opened one near my house!! And if I move to Chinatown, there’s one there too! Would it be awful to make sure my new apartment is in close proximity to a Nandos? Hmmm…

  11. K – I just wanted to point out the fact that CHINATOWN in DC is NOT THE NEW GEORGETOWN! AND ITS NOT UP & COMING! hahhahahaha

  12. amber mirza · · Reply

    you have got to try the imlee fries at New York Fries (NYF)
    in Dubai. Amazing. A modern twist on chaat.

  13. sharmine · · Reply

    I LOVE NANDO’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    don’t remind me
    i no longer want to be a vegetarian when i think of nando’s

  14. Sunaina loves Nandos and we are definitely going there when I come so be healthy till then!!

  15. Do you really expect me to believe that nandos is your favourite restaurant. The waiters in the Lahore nandos never “flash a portuguese smile”. Ha!

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