Princess –


The Princess of a town situated in the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP)  of Pakistan was about to leave the airplane to meet & greet the people of her area when I took this picture of her in October of 2008.



  1. Stunning picture. She looks beautiful.

  2. She’s absolutely stunning masha’Allah.

  3. Why has she covered her face? Is she really a princess?

  4. John L · · Reply

    Amazing shot.

  5. Andres · · Reply

    Gorgeous eyes. Are they blue?

  6. what a beauty! great picture.

  7. WOW

  8. Didn’t know there’s a princess in NWFP. Kewl.

  9. whats her name btw??

  10. Yes, the Princess is beautiful, mashallah. Thanks for your comments.

  11. Qasim · · Reply

    WOW! Those eyes are incredible. She should model them!

  12. Do they still have princesses now days?
    And yes, her eyes do have a tale or two to say ..
    Nice snap.

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