Umeed E Sahar


I spent the majority of the day in Hyde Park today and a friend of mine randomly said “you’re always asking me if I have any new music for you and I always say no – well, I have a song now; one that I know you will really like”. We obviously didn’t have any internet connection in the park so we loaded youtube on our blackberry and began to watch the video of the song over there.

Ever heard of Laal? I hadn’t. Apparently, they are social activists along with musicians, and have been recording some great music on different Pakistani poets. The song that we were listening to was “Umeed E Sahar”, which is an ode to a new dawn and the video is brilliant. To be honest, I didn’t like it the first time I heard it but I gave it another chance and have been listening to it ever since. It’s brilliant – extremely passionate & powerful on so many levels. The song is based on the work of the late Faiz Ahmed Faiz; one of Pakistan’s most famous modern Urdu poets.

It doesn’t matter what nationality you are as the video of this song has a great message for all of us. Translation is included in the clip below so check it out.



  1. Beautiful lyrics and a very powerful video. Thanks for sharing. Do you have the links to their other songs?

  2. Shoda · · Reply

    So glad to see a post about this – faix is incredible!

  3. I heard this a few months ago and fell in love with it-its so sad yet hopeful and the video is poignant.

  4. shaheryar mirza · · Reply

    i agree with you on this one..ahahah best song in pakistan right least whatever I’ve seen on tv..dude this is the song i was telling you to listen to when I was at your the way, they are social activists and also staunch communists. As faiz ahmed faiz was a socialist poet. Check out their other song of the famous poet habib jalib its nice as well..more tongue in cheek-as is the nature of the poem.

  5. Shaheryar, I completely forgot. You’re right. While we were stuffing that roast lamb at my place a few weeks ago, you told me about this song! I didn’t get a chance to watch tv or see any of the new songs out in Pakistan so never came across it while I was there. Do let me know if there are any other songs that have come out as well. I’ll check out the Habib Jalib song as well – thanks for that.

  6. For those who didn’t understand the video – it’s of the main guy in the video who is trying to get his mother to the hospital in an ambulance but he is unable to do so because there is a VIP politician/businessman getting through so they have stopped all traffic. It shows Pakistanis coming together and putting a stop to hypocricy and for voicing their opinion and saying NO to certain things. What a great video.

  7. Yeah I read they were big communists, hence the name, LAAL. The song is great though!

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