Finger Lickin’ Good


I was traveling up in the mountains of Pakistan last year. As I was walking by one of the very few markets over there, I saw a lady sitting in alley with a chicken in a bag. I later found out that she had traveled all the way to this market to get that chicken so she could cook a feast back home for her family that night. She was quietly sitting alone in the alley while her husband was a few streets away at the bus stop. I decided to take a picture as I was crossing her and then she jumped up and started to have a panic attack. She yelled (translated by my Guide) “If my husband finds out that a stranger took my picture, he will kill him, you don’t know him… he’s a bastard.. Run away quickly!” I found it hilarious until the Guide quickly escorted me out of that alley.

It is one of my favorite pictures though … and you gotta love the “Finger Lickin’ Good” KFC in the bag!



  1. and now you’ve posted her pic on the web for all to see….OUH you are a dead man! You better hope the internet doesnt reach this village up in the mountains. LOL. πŸ™‚ Nice shot though and a fun story to go along with it. I like! πŸ™‚

  2. Seriously, hilarious things happen to you!
    I would have waited to see what the husband would do?
    And a chicken in a KFC bag-how perfect haha

  3. That’s not really a KFC bag is it? I doubt they have KFC up in the mountains. Great story btw

  4. came across your blog…. love the pic. very powerful.

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