Srinigar, Kashmir


A friend of mine went back home to visit his parents in Srinigar last winter. As you may know, “Srinigar is situated in Kashmir Valley and lies on the banks of the Jhelum River, a tributary of the Indus. The city is known to be the gateway to some of the most scenic and beautiful places of the Indian subcontinent”.

He took some great shots during the trip and this was one of the pictures from his collection.



  1. Oh my God, WOW! Just take a look at the mountain peaks! You can see the snow melting even after your funky colouring!

  2. Ayesha · · Reply

    My Dad went last year and took some phenominal pics as well. dal lake was flawless and the people were very welcoming. i want to go too 😦

  3. Faraz Chaudhry · · Reply

    i have been to Azad Kashmir but wasn’t allowed over the fence. Both sides of the border are breathtaking.

  4. My dad was born in Srinagar and spent a good chunk of his childhood years in Srinagar (before partition), I love hearing about his stories…its almost magical when he talks about it. We had the opportunity to go visit in 1988 and WOW what an unbelievably gorgeous place it is. We stayed in a house boat for a week on the dal lake and it was the best experience of my life. So much natural beauty and simplicity of life which made it all seem so surreal and rich. The locals are lovely ppl with such warmth and hospitable candor. Boat merchants selling goods such as fruit and vegetables, jewelry, household items etc would row up to our houseboat for us to get a closer look and I remember my mom have a fun time haggling with them on semi-precious stones. I loved every moment of our stay and would love to go back and experience it all over again. But with the war going on there I dont know how safe it is to go visit. Thanks for sharing and letting my relive what I got to experience that summer back in 88.

  5. Katz – I had no idea that Imtiaz Uncle had lived in Srinigar. I thought you guys were mostly from Muzafarabad? You have family in Muzafarabad as well, right? Did you guys go there in ’88 from Bahrain? That’s amazing. Do you still have pictures from your trip?

  6. Omar-yeah abu was born in Srinagar and after the partition most of my dads family moved to Muzzafarabad (although now they have moved from there to Pindi after the earthquake). We actually went on a 10 day trip in 88 for Sheila’s wedding (auntie Qamar’s eldest daughters wedding). So we got to tour Srinagar and even went to the area where abu grew up..amazing! We do have pics but back home in Pakistan. None on me. Those were the ‘film roll’ days..haha! Would love to share once I get my hands on those pics. 🙂

  7. Aleea · · Reply

    I have been to Azad Kashmir and it is breathtaking as well. Sudan Gali and Banjosa are both worth taking a trip to.

  8. Will Kashmir ever get independence? That is the question my friends. It is no longer as beautiful as you say it is because others have ruined it.

  9. very nice photography. is your friend in the pic?

  10. How does one get there? From Delhi or Mumbai?

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