I want my Education


Lately, I have been avoiding all discussions regarding the topic of Taliban and how they have taken over the Swat Valley. I had refused to dedicate any specific post on my Blog as I just don’t have any words to describe my sentiments on the issue.

My parents, brother, & I have actually been to Swat about 15 years ago and although I was very young at the time; I still remember the mountains, rivers, people, & the innocence of the gorgeous valley.

Unfortunately, times have changed and today’s Swat is not the same anymore.

Below, this short documentary profiles an 11 year old Pakistani girl on her last day before the Taliban shut down her school in Swat.



  1. Buddy, this video has really depressed me. There are so many Pakistanis in Pakistan who are just craving for their basic rights (ie education) and we just take it for granted.

  2. I haven’t cried in years and this brought tears to my eyes. I will remember the little girl in my prayers and hope she stays safe and becomes a greattt doctor one day

  3. Natasia · · Reply

    This is heart breaking. Because of the circumstances, the little girl has matured so quickly.

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