Ever chased an aquarium? If not, you should definately check one out.

I was in Atlanta, Georgia over thanksgiving of ’05 and went to the world’s largest aquarium with my cousins, which is based there. It was simply amazing.

Asem Akthar, a friend of mine in Virginia recently went to one as well. It was the National Aquarium of Baltimore and despite the fact that the lighting was very low and it was practically dark …. he ended up taking some great shots.

This one is my favorite. Well done, AA!



  1. LOVE IT!

  2. The coloring is awesome.

  3. Have heard about the Atlanta one but never heard about the Baltimore one. Any gooD?

  4. How many were there?

  5. Aag Bagola · · Reply

    The one in Atlanta is UNBELIEVABLY amazing.

    Btw this pic reminds me of Khoon Bharri Maang. Whatta movie!

  6. Aag Bagola · · Reply

    The one in Baltimore is pretty small and is no fun if you’ve been to the one in Hotlanta.

  7. I’m going to Baltimore Aquarium next weekend!

  8. The Baltimore Aquarium is pretty blah actually. I wouldn’t go there unless you really really had to.

  9. I remember Khoon bharri maang! What a great movie….! Oh and yeah Baltimore aquarium was nothing spectacular. Even the dolphin show was pretty lame. Its the best in the DC metro area though…although I dont know if Baltimore falls in that metro region but you know what Im saying. 🙂

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