Meera from Lollywood


Irtiza Rubab, better known as our very own Meera, is one of our top Pakistani actresses in the Lollywood Industry. She first started out her career in 1992 and has won the Best Actress award several times over the past few years. I know that some of us have mentioned Meera & her jokes in the past and by popular demand, she’s back and up for discussion all over again!

Poor Meera has always been known for her public statements & scandals. In the earlier part of 2005, she worked on her first Bollywood project called Nazar and this was the first joint production between India & Pakistan. Unfortunately, it landed in trouble with the Pakistani government who strongly objected the kissing scenes and nudity in the movie. –

I know that we should be supporting our top Lollywood actresses as they represent our country but it can be very difficult to take them seriously when they continue to embarass themselves in public and provide such humor for us.

Check out some of Meera’s famous interview statements below.

Interviewer: Meera, it seems like you have done well for yourself. Is it true that you are also getting offers from Bollywood now?
Meera: Yes, mashallah by the grace of Allah I have so many offers from Lollywood this year and a few from Bollywood too and God has been so kind towards me. At this stage of my career, I finally feel like the court is in my balls.

Meera: My favorite restaurant in the whole wide world is M C Donald (pronouncing the letters M & C of course) and I really enjoy eating the M C Burgers ever since it opened up in Pakistan.

Interviewer: Meera, you must be very proud of yourself for being one of the very few Lollywood actresses who is so highly qualified and educated.
Meera: Yes, mashallah by the grace of Allah I have completed my intercourse.

Along with these classic one-liners, Meera was also the talk of the town when there were rumors floating around about her having an affair with one of Pakistan’s famous drug dealers. Although she denied the rumor and called it “rubbish”, the drug dealer was chasing fame and found his golden opportunity to become famous through our very own Meera.

He showed his true colors by secretly recording a few videos of them and leaked them on youtube. Ouch.

I’m a looking sexy, isn’t it?

Part 1 –

Part 2 –



  1. Ouch. I actually feel bad for poor Meera. What a bastard he turned out to be (aside from the drug dealer business) leaking his gf’s videos to the web! Poor thing, they’re not even mildly scandalous, but reactions to them are absurd~! Somehow I’m reminded of the Chanda character in Dev D…

  2. wow..she has balls?

  3. The “scandalous” videos her boy friend made are really not scandalous at all!
    And are’nt there any videos of her saying the funny things on you tube?
    The “intercourse” and “court in my balls” stuff had me in fits

  4. This was hilarious! You’ve made my day!!

  5. Meh doh maal deh naal hee soh gaya!

  6. I have always found her so vulgur and extremely crude but aww, I feel bad for her nowww

  7. Jehanzeb · · Reply

    I heart the guys Lahori accent.

  8. Hassan Gilani · · Reply

    hahaha awesome…

  9. sharmine · · Reply

    but wait there was this one movie of meera’s that i totally loved
    shot at NCA
    i dont know why but i thought she looked great in it
    remember the name?

  10. mrinalini · · Reply

    I feel really bad for her – what i dont get is that why people dont converse in a language they are comfortable with when they know these views are for public consumption.. get a translator man !!!!- Because when you speak from the heart u have to make sure you are saying the right thing… and the poor girl really is just saying exactly what she feels..
    having said that — intercourse !!!! balls !!! M – C DOnald burgers !!

  11. She is pretty- How sucessful is she?

  12. Aaah, Meera! I love the ‘court is in my balls’ bit, it never gets old!

    Sharmine, do you mean Chalo Ishq Larain? In which she starred opposite Ali Haider? She did look pretty in that film, the styling by Ali Tim was a bit hit and miss. More than anything though, I found her pretty refreshingly hilarious in it.

    There’s a post I did a whila ago now, just dug it up, it may interest any die-hard Meera fans here.

  13. Tavleen Kaur · · Reply

    Worth watching

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