Got Food?



I just got home from work and logged on to my Gmail account. My cousin and a friend had both sent me “forwards” with these pictures, which I saw one right after the other.

I know that we find it annoying and chose to ignore our parents & friends when they tell us to finish all the food on our plates and not let it go to waste …

But it’s seeing a picture like this, which is the real slap on our face and tends to wake us up …

Disgusting yet powerful …



  1. really powerful images.

  2. Raza, thank you for sharing that with us. I just saw the entire video. Don’t really know what to say. It’s today’s reality unfortunately …! Powerful video.

  3. Uffff so sad

  4. That first picture is totally heart breaking. Really powerful juxtaposition.

  5. So depressing. This is why when you go to Pakistan, instead of giving money to poor children whose parents/scam owners will take away, it’s better to give them food and fill their tummies for the day. Thanks for sharing, Omar – very moving photos, sometimes living in the U.S. I tend to forget how it is in our part of the world.

  6. Brilliant pictures.The contrast is startling.

  7. “seeing a picture like this, which is the real slap on our face and tends to wake us up.”– You have hit the nail on the head.

  8. I went to Dhaka, Lahore, and Vietnam a few weeks ago and felt like choking every time I saw children on the streets. They would be begging for money and we were told not to give them money as they would just hand it over back to their parents. The parents would buy drugs and abuse the children even more then pressuring them to go back out on the streets. I chose to transfer my funds to NGOs and other organizations and can only hope that they are doing their jobs properly. Fingers crossed

  9. Great image that captures the haves and the have nots of developing nations.

  10. Shafa Javaid · · Reply

    so heartbreaking.

  11. sharmine · · Reply

    omg! the contrast between the 2 photos
    …… disturbing
    why can’t there be a balance in this world?

  12. we as pakistanis need to take our skills and education back to the homeland. help it grow. help it succeed. may Allah help us wipe out poverty from Pakistan. Ameen.

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