I got a message on my Blackberry over the weekend from a friend who lives in Washington DC. The message said – “Are you worried about the situation in Islamabad? What’s going to happen when the Taliban come there? Are your parents thinking of leaving the city and moving elsewhere? Dude, don’t go back home”. I found his message really funny and typed in “ha ha” in response to his absurd questions. I told him that it was never going to happen and that the Taliban will not be able to touch Islamabad in any way or form.

It’s now Monday morning and I have just woken up to this article in the Washington Post today. I guess I have been chosing to ignore all that has been going on just miles away from my city and really need to wake up to reality.

Good weekend.
Bad Monday.


(The picture above has been taken from Wikipedia)



  1. How depressing Oms. Is it bad that no matter how bad the situation gets I can’t imagine not ever wanting to go back to Islamabad? I think I want to go back more now than ever actually. I don’t think the problem will ever really go away, but am praying the military’s new offensive can contain the Taliban a bit more than they were before.

  2. That is a beautiful picture of our beloved Islamabad.

  3. Islamabad is my city and Pakistan is HOME. I wont let anybody take over and will fight until the end.

  4. Lindsey · · Reply

    Ahhhhh What’s going on in my Isloooo? 😦

  5. I’m just surprised you haven’t caught on to the panic amongst all of us who are home, or almost home. We talk about other things, we make light of too many things, but under it all we’re ALL more worried than we’ve ever been before. The level of trust that people have in the government is at an all-time low. Amongst the general populace the implicit faith that always seemed to exist in the power of the army (that we keep grumbling about but do recognize as a somewhat infallible institution)has also gone down considerably. All in all, we’re in a bit of a soup here. Let’s see how the shit comes down, we’re all hoping for the best, but watching for worst at the moment…

  6. What an amazing picture of Islamabad!
    I’m just in shock on why the government is so relaxed about this situation.I read an article by Imran Khan and couldn’t believe the silly arguments he was giving – one argument stuck in my mind as it is the main problem with our governments approach right now.Imran Khan claimed that it is a myth to believe this is our war and if we just realize its America’s war and stop fighting it we’ll be fine and the Taliban will back off.
    I really don’t agree with this statement- I think that its because our government is in denial about this being our war that we aren’t doing anything substantial about it-all the government seems to be doing is trying to quell America’s fears by half heartedly fighting the Taliban and at the same time giving in to all of the Taliban’s demands thinking that this way the Taliban might also be placated.This strategy is really NOT working because this IS our war-the Taliban are not in Pakistan only because of America but because they want to spread their ideology and Pakistan seems weak enough at this point for them to take over.We need to realize that this is our war and that it is our country not America which will suffer and disintegrate because of these Taliban.Only when we realize this will we be able to fight this war with conviction.

  7. yes yes!!! our military has responded. and my my, what a respone. its been a complete and total military victory.

    let’s just hope we can win the peace, and help the swatis get back to normal life asap, otherwise the taliban might be able to woo them towards thier misguided cause.

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