Chitrali Cafe


Hindukush Heights is owned by the Ulmulk family in Chitral and is one of my most favorite hotels. I won’t get into too much detail right now as I will be dedicating a post on it in the future but it’s one of the most amazing places I have been to in my entire life.

A few years ago, a PIA (Pakistan International Airline) airplane went off the runway while trying to land in Chitral. Fortunately, nobody was intensely injured and all the passengers came out safely even though the engine busted and was not later repairable.

Since it was just lying in the middle of the mountains on the side of the runway, Siraj Ulmulk decided to negotiate with the airline & the government and then became the proud owner of the airplane after they took out the engine etc.

Since Chitral didn’t have the facility to move the airplane elsewhere, they gathered about 50 Chitralis to come and manually drag the airplane to Siraj Ulmulk’s Hotel. The Ulmulks came up with the brilliant idea of making a coffee shop inside & around the jet as an added attraction for the Hindukush Heights Hotel guests.

When I went up to Chitral a few months ago, the coffee shop was still in the process of being completed but I took this picture as the concept really fascinated me.

I am planning to go back to Chitral soon and I guess this is yet another reason why you need to visit as well …



  1. Oh Wow – Great story! Surreal. I want to go!!

  2. What a bizarre story and interesting concept. I would love to go visit Chitraal one day although these days even thinking of going to Pakistan seems kinda scary to say the least.

  3. have they removed all the seats from inside and made it look like a cafe?

  4. Yes, the seats have all been removed. There will be seating both, inside & outside of the plane like a proper cafe. Its a great concept and you can just imagine how it’s so much better being in the middle of the mountains as well. What a view.

  5. This is so cool

  6. crazzzyyy concept. nice work omar. your blog site is getting better and better as i explore it.

  7. This is amazing. Imagine sitting among the mountains having some hot chai and some local hashish. What a life.

  8. I NOW see why the cliff hanger was chilling and smoking that joint 😉 Such tranquility and beauty!

  9. Wow! This is amazing…

    I really want to show my friends the real Pakistan -which definately isn’t the version they see through the news. Mind if i share this on my blog with friends?

  10. You’re right, Bisma and I think it’s great that you want to share the ‘real Pakistan’ with your friends. Feel free to share the link with them and make sure to show them this one as well in case they are interested in more –

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