Blackberry or the iPhone?


I must admit – I’m addicted to my Blackberry Curve and am proud of it. Next stop – Blackberry Bold. I know this BB vs iPhone debate has been going on ages but for some reason… it just doesn’t come to an end!

I’m not a fan of touch-screen phones so I haven’t personally bothered to give the Iphone or the Storm a chance yet. I often wonder if my fingers are too fat for them or if there’s another reason why I despise them so much but they just don’t do it for me for some reason.

In my experience, I have only heard people raving about the Iphone and cursing the Blackberry Storm. A friend of mine just messaged me as well saying “the Storm sucks, read all the reviews, it’s just useless, pointless, & a waste of money”. I also just turned around and asked my colleague why he was so obsessed with his Iphone only to have him blurt “Omar, there will never be a time when the BlackBerry will win over an Iphone. The Iphone is easy to use, GPS is useful for me, I love getting my e-mail, I can buy songs on Itunes, watch films, make telephone calls, browse facebook, download cheap games from the apple store and look cool at the same time so get over your blackberry; especially that loser of a Storm”. Umm, I don’t even own a BlackBerry Storm but I guess that’s just how passionate he was about the iPhone that he didn’t even realize that the Blackberry has most of those features as well.

That said… I just came across an article in the Gulf News this morning, which just proves that the Storm isn’t as bad as everyone says and maybe one day, the “Blackberry could Storm iPhone citadel” , which is the title of the article!!

Scott Schuey, Chief Reporter, seemed to be familiar with both phones in the article and had started off by saying “It’s a good thing I didn’t write this review after playing with Blackberry’s new touch-screen phone, the Storm, for only a day. It would not have been positive”. Well, at least the guy is being honest even though I don’t understand why he bothered to even get the Storm in the first place if he was so obsessed with his iPhone but I’m sure glad he did ….

The thing that Scott seemed to be most impressed with was the fact that unlike the iPhone, the Storm responds with a physical click and it allows you to type faster. He wasn’t too impressed with the web browsing category, thought that the graphic ability needs to be improved, and even said that “sluggish would describe the phone’s performance at times”. Ouch.

Overall, Scott said the Storm went a long way to meeting expectations, but not all the way. He admits that there are a number of things that need to be improved before this phone is a legitimate contender against the iPhone, but a few tweaks and the Blackberry could be the winner!.

I guess it will take time for the Blackberry folks to catch up in the touch-screen department but I still managed to read Scott’s review in a positive light. Did you hear that? “… a few tweaks and the Blackberry could be the winner!” Well, it’s better in every other way … so might as well succeed in the touch-screen department as well. As a friend just said to me as well – “Being a complete Blackberry addict and having played around with my sister’s iPhone… I realized that the typing feature takes a day or so to get used to but what the iPhone lacks is the Blackberry Messenger feature, which is what makes the Blackberry so precious to me”!

Have a good Blackberry Friday, guys!

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  1. BB messaging is the best invention EVER.

  2. It’s all about loving the BB

  3. Chris Bearson · · Reply

    The iphone wins hands down. all you blackberry fans are in denialllll!

  4. The iPhone GUI (Graphical user interface) is excellent but the hardware is shit, but the Blackberry hardware is pretty good but the software isn’t. I personally like Sysmbian/Nokias. Best combination of both. Check out the Nokia N97…

  5. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – people only say they love Blackberry because they’ve never had an iPhone. I used to be an obsessed BB user, and I have to admit I miss BBM at times, but trading BBM for an exponentially more amazing phone? not that great of a loss.

    To be honest, though – the preference really depends on what you want to use your phone for. BB is better for those who want phone and basic email. The iPhone is a multimedia phone with apps for almost everything under the sun, but if you’re not likely to utilize them, then there is no point in getting an iPhone.

    For those with fat fingers – Apple’s 3.0 update (coming this summer) is finally releasing landscape text messaging as well as email to go along with the already present landscape internet which will make typing much easier.

  6. I haven’t heard of the 3.0 one! Thanks for letting us know. I’ll check it out for sure but I really do love the BB. I think I prefer using the net on a laptop/desktop and love my phone for its BB messaging, e=mail, and basic phone service. Anyhow, this debate can go on forever as both phones are great… it depends person to person what they feel more comfortable with I guess.

    1. BlackBerry all the way man! Nothing beats the BB feel!
      I own an iPod touch and BB 8900 curve and life is beautiful
      all aspects covered

  7. Meeno – that’s a brilliant ad! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I have never used a BB but absolutely without a doubt love the iPhone and could never switch to another type of phone unless it were an apple phone. HA! Do I seem biased? I became a serious Apple fan after I switched to a Mac after years of using windows based PCs. Amazing technology with a fantastic GUI. I love the iphone cause its so integrated with everything on the net. And to think other websites are making apps specifically for the iphone…now thats some accomplishment for a phone.

  9. To be honest, the iphone is great for college students that do not have to worry about a full time job and the associated pressures.

    Individuals with full time jobs do not need or want thousands of applications (looking up lyrics, downloading songs, playing games etc).

    We need the blackberry to stay in touch with people via email and messenger. The BBM is an unbelievably amazing tool if you have family and friends that are in other countries.

  10. I have the blackberry bold and its the BEST!! the iPhone suxx!

  11. Although I think the Iphone is better, I want a Blackberry phone.

  12. Sharmine · · Reply

    Ok, so up until a few months back i was all about the iphone! I actually thought I would die without it and then my husband goes and gifts me a Blackberry, which I had decided not to like right from the start since I’m an iphone lover. BUT.. I have to say, I love my Blackberry now – though I still carry a sim-less iphone around in my purse…I love my blackberry!

  13. What’s the best blackberry model available these days? The battery on my blackberry curve (bought it a year and a half ago) has become totally useless. Won’t last more than a few hours and it keeps shutting off.

  14. The competition between these two giants of telecommunication is going to be endless however, Apple as a brand to me has always seemed more complicated and less human friendly, I guess because i’ve always been accustomed to Microsoft. For now at least, BLACKBERRY ALL THE WAY!

  15. I want an Iphone and a Blackberry as well now! 😦 I’m even moer confused after reading your post now. Thanks anyway.

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