Familiar with Reshma? Well, you should be.

As some of you may already know, Reshma is a brilliant folk singer in Pakistan. Along with Pakistanis sprawled all over the world, she has managed to win the hearts of many Indians and has made her mark in Bollywood as well.

Although Reshma is extremely simple and does not even know how to read & write … she sings from the heart and has a gigantic fan base. Her most famous song is “Lambi Judai”, which was sung for Hero,  a Bollywood movie along with many other songs, which can easily be found on YouTube as well.

According to Wikopedia, Reshma is also an advocate of good relationships between Pakistan & India. She was one of the first people to travel on the bus from Lahore to Amritsar and has always remained positive and has prayed for peace between the two countries.

It’s  sad and slightly pathetic to see that much of today’s youth in Pakistan is not so familiar with such a legend and are so busy being so impressed and influenced by the West. However, music masters like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Vital Signs, Nazia & Zohaib, Abida Parveen, and Reshma are some of the many Pakistani icons that should never be forgotten as they have left a huge mark on our country.

On a recent awards function, they were kind enough to do a tribute to Reshma and Atif Aslam came especially to sing Lambi Judaai for her as well.

What a brilliant performance. Check it out.



  1. This was absolutely beautiful!! Her voice is amazing. I don’t know why I have not heard of her before today. Seriously, you and anybody else who knows of her work should try to post her stuff wherever you can. I can’t get over her voice!

  2. NS, I’ll post a link later today which has her most famous songs. She truly is one of the most gifted artists in Pakistan. Never heard such a powerful voice.

  3. I love that song from Hero…infact I can remember the exact scene in my head now that you mentioned the song. 🙂 She has a very soothing voice. I had no idea about the singer though.

  4. Katz – Did you see the youtube link i posted?

  5. I absolutely love Reshma, she’s such a great singer, been listening to her since I was a kid,

  6. We lost another icon yesterday-Iqbal Bano. From hum dakany gay laazim heh kay hum dayakay gay to ulfat kee naee manzil ko chala to lakh chalay ree gori thum thum kay to numerous Faiz gazals. Here’s to celebrating her life.

  7. How sad that Iqbal Bano – a famous Ghazl singer – died yesterday 😦

    The song is beautiful btw!

  8. I love this song-but don’t like the Atif Aslam version-its her voice which makes the song

  9. Part 2, which I didn’t post before. My apologies.

  10. Some more songs by Reshma:

  11. I just saw the video now. Loved Atif Aslam’s version with Reshma! Very nicely done. Infact I liked the overall appeal of the collaboration between the younger artists and Reshma.

  12. i adore her voice, it’s so moving and mesmerizing!

  13. Samarah Qadir · · Reply

    I LOVE your blog!!! Btw maybe you should write about Iqbal Bano. She just recently passed away and had some amazing songs.

  14. She’s a legend. Atif is on his way up there as well.

  15. Atif is brilliant. I’ve been to both his concerts in London in the past two years and he actually even performed at the Royal Albert Hall, which is a huge honor.

  16. Does anyone have an update on Atif’s tour this year? Any stops in London? He’s been here for the past two summers so I’m sure he’s planning a trip this year as well.

  17. Pureminds · · Reply

    You better point out Singers or bands influenced by west.Better think 100 times b4 stating anything.
    And remember one thing in music that influencing and idealism is not a big issue !.. the big issue is forgetting our culture and traditions.

  18. Check out Atif’s tribute to Reshma on Akhiyaan du rehn deh –

  19. Omar this is brilliant! I’m amazed that they actually got the sound right in a live concert, normally its crap. I wonder if they got Rohail Hyatt to help out with this…

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