This picture was taken from the same trip to Balakot – after the Earthquake in October of ’05. Danish & I had stopped at one of the street corners to hand out some sweaters, shoes, and food and while everyone was pushing and shoving to get to our car .. this girl was standing in the back. She seemed exhausted, in pain, and didn’t even make an effort to push her way through the crowd. We ended up walking to her to give her a few things.



  1. Omar, this has always been one of my most favorite pictures. It’s extremely haunting in a beautiful way, similar to the famous National Geographic Afghan girl photo. I would suggest that you put a copyright of Omar Ul Haq at the bottom right so no one else can claim it as their own.

  2. Thanks Maria. You’re right but I’m not sure how to do that ..

  3. Danish Khan · · Reply

    I remember her clearly, of all I saw, she struck out most in that she seemed so distressed.

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