Chitrali Fairy



In September of ’08, I went up to Chitral with a few friends, which is in the Northern part of Pakistan.

I usually don’t believe in magic & fairies but this is a true story, which needs to be shared with you guys.

One fine afternoon, we went on a Trek, which was near the Afghanistan border and it was exhausting, to say the least. We were having fresh tea and walnut bread when one of the Uncles we were with asked the driver if he has heard about the “fairy lady” in Chitral who is famous for curing everyone. He then smiled and told us that his mother in law was the fairy lady, which shocked all of us!

Apparently, a “gin” comes into the lady’s body, takes over her soul, and is able to cure other peoples’ problems. The medicine is sent by God and apparently appears out of nowhere. As you can imagine, all of us were a bit confused by this and I found it pretty funny at the time.

As we decided on going to meet the lady, she asked us to follow in a corner room where she put on an incense and said a few prayers. A few minutes later, she started to sweat, cracked her knuckles three times, her eyes rolled backwards, and she had a completely different voice and personality, which began to scare the living daylight out of all of us.

She asked Mike, one of our friends on the trip about his problem with his knee. She then clapped three times and a pouch of medicine appeared in her hands. I was drinking some tea while dipping my walnut bread in there and almost spilt the entire cup of tea on myself as I watched the horror of this magical medication appearing from nowhere. I put down the tea and decided to pay more focus on her to see if she does it again and to clearly see which sleeve the pouch came from as I couldn’t believe it. Not once, not twice, but she did it about 5 more times where she would clap and pouches of medicines would appear in her hand to heal all of us. 

Once she was done with all of us, she then began to recite another prayer and crack her knuckles again. She started to sweat, her eyes slowly came back into place, and the “gin” inside of her left the body leaving behind all the medicines to cure us.  

Trust me, I’m the last one to believe in such things… and it was really strange to see this with my own eyes. I’m still a bit stunned by the whole thing a few months later and don’t really know what to think of it. This “fairy” lives on top of a mountain with no access to the rest of the world, has never travelled across that mountain to any other city, and only has her faith and connection with God that she believes in on a day to day basis.

It was a magical experience and something that everyone should experience once in their life time.

You may think that I’m making this up … but it’s the truth. You might want to reconsider the things you believe in and the things you may think people are making up as this really did happen and has leaved me dazed & confused.

I am planning on going back up to Chitral in a few months and am most definately going to go visit her again. She’s brilliant and deserves to be shared with all of you.



  1. Yes, this picture is of the Chitral Fairy that I took while we were leaving her mud hut.

  2. Why didn’t you ask her to fix your back??

  3. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the back problem at that point otherwise I would have asked her to heal it. Mike, this guy who was with us had a problem with his knee but he wasn’t able to use the medicine she gave him as he was in the British Army and there was Opium in the medicine. haha

  4. i m in chitral right now . plz tell me the exact place and address of fairy lady and common name in the area as i want to meet her get some medicine for my mother.thanks

  5. Kamran – I don’t know the exact address unforutnately but I do know that it;s a 1 hour walk up the hill/mountain near Garam Chashma (Hot Springs). The people in that area know where she is.. but I don’t want to be the one to guide you in the wrong direction so that’s all the information I have. Sorry.

  6. She doesnt look much like tinkerbell to me…

  7. Id be interested to know if these magical meds actually cure the ailments ppl have. How about your smoking habit 🙂 Maybe she could help with that? If it were to work she could seriously become a phenomenon around the world. Ppl would travel from all over to help cure their addictions. Just a thought…

  8. There were quite a few people who had come from neighboring countries and far far away to see her. She is very well known in that region and all sorts of people come to her for medicine and her healing powers for muscle pains etc. Garam Chasma (Hot Springs) is right next to her as well, which is great to heal your bones and muscles. The water is hot and pure and it’s really soothing.

  9. You can drive all the way there..however since her house is on top of a hill you would need to walk up approx 10 mins to get to her place.Upon reaching Lut Kuh (Garam Chashma) you can ask any local where the ‘Pari Keemeari’ lives and they will be able to guide you to her house.
    Yes, with her help many of us Chitralis have been cured of various ailments.

  10. so was the knee problem cured?

  11. Ali Malik · · Reply

    Omar I simply must see this in person. Fascinating.

    Somebody should document this on video.

  12. how interesting. i have unfortunately never even been to chitral. but this just adds to the list of things that makes it a must visit.

  13. this is really amazing. did u take more pictures/video?

  14. I am one of the people who met the driver, she is his mother-in-law. The drivers name is Deen Mohammad.

    If you phone ptdc chitral and ask for Aftab the manager there , he can arrange for you to meet him.

    Please keep in mind that their world is seperate from ours and some people meddle in it to hurt others. The fairy lady is only helping others but it is important to follow her instructions and treatment and show some respect.

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