Blunder of the day


I am still recovering from my holiday and it’s been an exhausting second day back at work today.

Around lunch time, I was busy catching up with all my e-mails and didn’t have time to go and grab a sandwich. Instead, I thought I should step out for a quick smoke as the sun was out and the weather was sweet.

*Note – I was wearing an old pair of shoes, which look perfectly fine but the sole is a bit torn up and there is a massive hole at the bottom of the shoe that I didn’t know about!*

As I stepped outside the tower … I lit up a smoke and paced back and forth while enjoying the sun. I met a friend of mine outside as well so was busy chatting to him about my trip, work, and life. As I threw the marlboro on the floor, I naturally stepped on it to put out the smoke when I was done out of politeness as there were people standing around us.

Unfortunately, the hole in my shoe was what ended up stepping on the burnt part of the cigeratte while I was trying to put it out and it burnt my sock and a bit of my foot! Can you believe it? What are the chances of that happening? Luckily, my reflexes are pretty good so I just jumped off it and left everyone standing there extremely confused!

What a Tuesday. Disgusting. What an awful Tuesday.



  1. Karma? It might be for all the marlboros you threw from the balcony and for smoking inside my house???

  2. Life sucks as a pedestrian. Holes in nice shoes are devastating 😉

  3. S – I think it was your curse that did it!

  4. That is God telling you you should stop smoking!

  5. OH NO! I know what it’s like to burn yourself! Ouch.

  6. Have you ever been to a cobbler? Is that term still used?

  7. I agree with Kalsoom, I think this is a sign telling you to stop!!!

  8. It was probably too many cigarette stubbings that caused the hole in the shoe in the first place!
    I once completely singed off my eyelashes from my right eye trying to light a cigarette on a cooker…. those things are lethal in more ways than one!! Quit!

  9. Awww poor u
    But seriously Kalsoom’s right take this as a sign from God and STOP SMOKING!

  10. LOL thats pretty funny!
    Good start to the monday morning for me!

  11. shaheryar mirza · · Reply

    i think it’s a sign from God telling you to get a new pair of shoes…or at least get them fixed..don’t quit

  12. hehehe… it happens! some things happen which we never imagine for ourselves.. as falling down in front of others, torn clothes or some salan spilling on clothes when u are in some shaadi. After seeing ur post I am laughing after many days.

  13. Hassan Gilani · · Reply


  14. Assad Saifullah · · Reply

    If you can’t afford shoes without holes in them why are you on asmallworld 😉 jokes aside that was hilarious! Great blog!

  15. coudlnt agree more….its that fairy lady sending you a sign from far far away. You might want to visit her when you go to Chitraal next. haha! 🙂

  16. Is this when you went out to get Vitamin D and ended up standing in the shade for 15 mins?

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