Am in the middle of chasing Emirates Airline right now but just wanted quickly post this for you guys …

I just logged on to Facebook and saw a friend’s status, which she had recently updated. It was of a youtube link and said “Fantastic” next to it. I clicked on the link and was directed to a portion of the Britains Got Talent and continued to watch it to see why it was so “fantastic”.

I know it sounds lame but this clip just proves how all of us can be so quick to judge people without giving them a chance. Sad, but true. Well done, Susan. 




  1. Ayesha Mustafa · · Reply

    Completely agree! I think we are so conditioned to judge and make an opinion of people before we even give them a chance. When she came on stage to perform, I thought the same thing.. She will be a complete disaster, like the audience and judges who were raising eyebrows, and making faces about her credibility to perform.. Just because she didn’t look the part! After she started singing, I felt ashamed at the way I had reacted and how close-minded I am!

    I was blown away.. She was phenomenal!! Not only does she make us realize that one should never judge too quickly or harshly, but is hugely inspiriting as well. It’s never too late to chase your dreams and if you believe in your self anything is possible!

  2. Shafa Javaid · · Reply

    I absolutely love Susan Boyle. Not only does she have an amazing voice, she has such a fun personality. I love the look Simon’s face after he hears her sing. Also, I feel like smacking the girl that the camera focuses on when Susan is talking in the beginning.

    I have clearly watched the youtube clip one too many times.

    This boy is also very talented. Check out his video.

  3. I was so stunned, totally was not expecting what I saw, hope she goes really really far in life after the long wait

  4. God bless Susan Boyle! What a fighter. What a tiger.

  5. I loved Simon Cowel’s reaction to her voice. He went from ‘OMG not another idiot…” to “WOA…that voice came out of that person??”. Never judge a book by its cover. Did u guys hear the little 12 yr old sing? He was another one with a stunner of a voice!

  6. Nope, which 12 year old?

  7. Also love the carphone salesman from an earlier season who did opera. He was the most unassuming (ok, dorky) looking guy but ended up having incredddddible vocals.

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