Picture of the day


I went to Oxford to see my cousin a few weeks ago. Loved the city, the people, and the atmosphere. I arrived in the afternoon after taking the train from Paddington and acted like a full tourist while I was there! I took this picture a few minutes after arriving in Oxford …



  1. That is a really cool picture my friend. I’ll tell you why. Even though its a simple subject, its actually very techincally sound and makes a person (at least me) look into in with much detail.
    The tree is at an incline, with the ground, while the building seems to be straight. Even though the eye tries to straighten the picture so everything is horizontal, they don’t get to appear that way. The tree seems to defy the laws of nature, as, if you turn the picture to make it and the ground horizontal, the building behind it gets inclined, and vice versa. The tree should have appeared to be growing straight up even on an incline ground. Very cool illusion. I really like it.

  2. Dude, I was lying down on the floor like a fool of a tourist and taking pictures haha! It was really funny. Glad that you liked the picture.

  3. I LIKE!!! 🙂

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