Andrew, a friend of mine just sent this article as a counterpoint to the “Dark side of Dubai” – an article that I had pasted in an earlier post.

Check it out – If you think Dubai is Bad.. just look at your own country! –



  1. Senor Swanky · · Reply

    What a load of horseshit. Anyone can take isolated examples and make anything look good or bad, we all know that. But it doesn’t change the fact that the rule of law and human rights exist in Britain on a level that simply don’t exist in Dubai. As a construction firm in London, can I bring in cheap foreign labour based on false promises and enslave them by confiscating their passports and forcing them to work for their freedom? NO. Is it done in Dubai not as an isolated example but rather as the norm – as documented by various international human rights groups? YES.

  2. awami · · Reply

    it is done in dubai and the rest of the khaleej…but you have to realise that the construction workers WANT to move to the khaleej. it is not being forced on them. admittedly what they are paid is a pittance. but again, more than what they would earn in pak/ind/bangla.

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