Good deed of the day



…. or should I say good day of the week as I haven’t been updating this as often as I should be?

As I was standing in line at Heathrow and right about to board my Emirates flight a few days ago, I decided to get a soda to take along on the flight. However, there wasn’t a vending machine or a shop in the boarding lounge area and I was feeling dehydrated. I decided to make the effort to leave the boarding line and walk to get myself a drink as I may regret not getting one later.

I exited the line and started walking towards the opposite direction as I heard an old couple who were standing right next to me for the past 20 minutes. The old man told his wife that “I would really like some water right now” only to hear his wife say “be patient and wait till we board the flight”.

I brisk walked for about 10 minutes and finally got the Diet coke and a snack for the flight.

As I was paying for my drink .. I ended up buying a large bottle of water as I remembered the conversation I had heard a few minutes ago between the elderly couple.

I walked back and handed over the water bottle to the couple. I had never seen someone be so grateful in my life. It turns out that they were frequest travelers and knew the entire Emirates Airlines staff. They were so shocked by my gesture, that they decided to go out of their way to get me upgraded to business class with them.

Unfortunately, they managed to get me the first row of economy, which I was happy with but luck just happened to be on my side that day and followed me all the way to Dubai.

As I was getting on the second leg of my journey and checking in for my flight, the Emirates staff informed me that I had been upgraded to business class!

I know that Etihad has recently been voted the number one business class in the world.. but from experience now, I can say that Emirates has an amazing one as well! Check it out as it’s completely worth the price…. or just try to do a “good deed” and you may just get lucky!



  1. Ok this is the sweetest story!! Love it!

  2. Isn’t is amazing that people in today’s society are shocked/surprised when someone does a good thing for them without expecting anything in return? I also thought it was so nice that you gave those DVDs to your doorman.

  3. I think that proves that you can still be nice and get rewarded for it. I’m sure u were not thinking that this would have happened…

  4. I just got upgraded to Business Class again! I love Emirates Airlines!

  5. Wow Jaanu, this is really great!!! Maybe the couple put you on some special list and now you will always get upgraded!!! No good deed goes unnoticed ever

  6. I GOT UPGRADED AGAIN YESTERDAY so you may be right …

  7. awww cute
    and btwww etihad business classs is a hundred times better than emirates

  8. good deeds without strings attached must really pay off!! 🙂 Thats awesome though! A little good goes a long way. Its like a chain reaction. One good leads to another good leads to another and hopefully somewhere along the line it’ll reach our leaders. (or they may just break the chain))

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