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In my opinion, Coke Studio is one of the most brilliant projects that has taken place in Pakistan. For those who are not familiar with it; many of our most talented artists such as Strings, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Ali Zafar, Ali Azmat, Ustad Hussain Baksh Gullo, Zeb & Haniya, and Sajid & Zeeshan have come together to be a part of this experience. These great artists have brought together a mixture of pop, rock, and alternative music from all over the country and have done some amazing live music together.

I think the best part of this entire project is that it’s not a competition between these artists; but instead, the purpose of Coke Studio is to bring the different Pakistani talents just to make music together.  

I know that a lot of of my friends were not aware that Coke Studio even existed and I am assuming that there are a lot of Pakistanis who are settled abroad who are probably not familiar with this concept either.

Take out a few minutes and go to and check out the different performances by your most favorite Pakistani artists. The entire first season is online and the second season is apparently being recorded in Karachi right now.  

Along with some of Rahat Fateh & Strings performances on the website, my most favorite one is Ali Zafar singing Allah Hoo with Ustad Gullo. He is brilliant and has done a damn good job. You can go to the Cokestudio link that I have provided above and find it over there or else you can check out the website below as well for this specific performance.



  1. Really really love Garaj Baras by Ali Azmat and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan:

    Such a cool mix of classical and rock!

    I think in general this effort is so fantastic – Pakistan has so much going on in terms of our arts – I think the film, art and music is really undergoing this rise/revival that needs to be talked about more in the media 🙂

  2. You know, even though I like Junoon.. I didn’t the Coke Studio version of Garaj Baras that much. I’ll listen to it again though as its been a while and I’ll give it another chance.

    I loved Duur by Strings though and Sar kee pahaar – they both are brilliant –

  3. What’s amazing about Coke Studio is how they bring artists from such different genres and give them a platform where they can collaborate together. This version of Duur has become one of my all time favorite songs.

  4. I agree, I wasn’t a fan of the Coke Studio Garaj Baras, but I love love love how they brought Ali Azmat and Rahat Fateh who are from two completely contrasting genres together. Can’t wait for the new season!

  5. sharmine · · Reply

    omg i totally love ur blog page and all
    and i have to agree with u
    ali zafar singing Allah Hoo is AMAZING!

  6. Hassan Gilani · · Reply

    ooh i have a friend who has gone for coke studio twice. Saba Shabbir. and yeah this version of the song is nice…..though i like Saain Zahoors version way more.

  7. Saain Zahoor’s version of what?

  8. Zafar · · Reply

    I have seen performances at coke studio live and they are beyond fantastic. U must go to one if you find the opportunity.

  9. Shoda · · Reply

    Incredible – love love love it!

  10. Shoda, take some time out to listen to the other songs as well. They are amazing.

  11. Shoda · · Reply

    Omar – I just spent the past 45 mins youtube’ing different ones – really amazing how such different artists can come together and do some incredible stuff.

  12. Shoda, you can go to and then there is a link for Season one. All the clips are there and you won’t need to watch it on youtube. The quality is amazing on the website so you must take a look when you get a chance.

  13. Shahid S · · Reply

    I had no idea this even existed and am pleasantly surprised. Thanks OUH.

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