Good deed of the day



A few hours ago, I got a call from a few friends who were near my apartment. They asked me to come down and join them for some sheesha & coffee as I’m leaving on holiday and won’t be in the city for some time.

As I took the lift downstairs, I remembered that I had to pick up a package that a friend had dropped for me at my reception. As usual, I started talking to the random reception man who seemed like a nice guy.

I then walked over to the joint and finally met up with my friends. As we were in the middle of discussion, a friend of mine asked me “so I went on to your blog today to see what your good deed of the day was and you didn’t put one down today. How come?” I told her that I didn’t do anything good today which was worth writing about and that my previous one was just random , which I thought should be shared with you guys.

As I walked back towards my apartment, I passed by the reception guy again who looked bored out of his mind. I stopped by and started chatting with him again as he yawned away and told me that he was on duty for another nine hours.

Although I felt bad for the guy, I continued walking towards the lift and eventually came back to my flat and put on the television. I had started watching the news when I saw a ton of DVDs lined up and thought of the guy downstairs. I picked up about 9 DVDs and walked downstairs only to find the poor chap doodling away on a piece of a paper.

I passed over the 9 DVDs.. and told him to keep them for as long as he wants as I’m leaving the city for a few days. He was pleased, grateful, and very excited as he hadn’t seen most of the DVDs that I had given to him. He thanked me for the thought and said that this was going to be great way to kill time on the job.

There you go – that was my “Good deed of the day”! What’s yours?



  1. franklinsrow · · Reply

    He has a dvd player and a tv at his desk??


  2. Nope, he had his laptop without an internet connection.
    – OUH

  3. You should write about your good deed at the airport for that man and his wife! No good deed goes unpunished 🙂

  4. You’re right. Will most definately write about it! Thanks.

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